HITMAN - A GTA Editor Series

Hiya everyone,

Recently I was roaming through my old YouTube videos and I was reminded about the YouTube series I made a few years back. It’s a parody on the Hitman games made within GTA V. I got all my friends to act as targets and directed and edited the whole thing. I also made a thread about this on the old forum when it was still in development, but since most have either forgotten or never knew about it’s existence I decided its time to bring it back to your attention. So here it is, the whole playlist:

Some of the earlier episodes look pretty scrawny, but bear with me, those were the first ever videos I made within the editor. They get better with each video. I myself am still pretty fond of the final few episodes, even though my editing skills have improved by now.

Give it a try, I’m really curious what the forum thinks about this thing 5 years after its creation! :grin: