HITMAN: Absolution Contracts Mode

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Who wants HITMAN: Absolution’s Contracts mode back? It has been 3 years and they said it was “temporary”. Like come on IOI, you have made loads of money from HITMAN 3, you can make the server up for a few years by buying some new servers.
(I want to play old version since it had gun customization)

are they even able to? i thought that they had to cut it off because of their break with square enix

They can buy new servers for Contracts Mode.

It’s largely out of their control, I doubt they have the money to buy new servers and even if they did it would get in the way of their other plans.

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even if that is true, they wouldnt even pay to keep the servers up for ghost mode less than 2 years after it released. if it is an issue of just buying new servers then id much rather they bring that back before they look at doing the same for absolution

Coz it is not fair to take contracts back. It is imposible to fin game without it. You need money to but guns and upgrades. And money Uu can only get from contracts.

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This is the inevitable future of almost all online games and while I don’t like it, this isn’t something new or unique to Absolution.

It’ll happen to WOA later too and with worse consequences as much more is tied to online.

You can raise your complaint but I’m sure IOI is aware of the demand. I don’t see it changing, at least for a long time.


Wish it were still up today I would love to play through it

I have got it the game on 14 November 2021. En I want to customize my gun’s. It is infeer to new player’s. They can’t buy ewe one thing.:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::rage::rage:

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Yeah it doesn’t even need actual contracts servers, just give people a way to play levels with their own loadout :S


Absolution Contracts Mode is gone forever and ever. Amen.

No! No Amen! I would have loved to have made a contract on there (if my save files stopped being corrupted). Oh well.

It is from the point of view from the people who wanted to move on from Absolution.

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