Hitman Absolution. Purist mode had no checkpoint saves?

Trying out purist mode. The game crashed in Run For Your Life.

Restarted to find Continue option greyed out. But I can go through to the part I was last on.
When I get loaded in the game has not saved my purst mode progress with 47 only in his suit.
It’s loaded data from a playthrough from 2022 where I’m in a cop uniform. I’m in the train station
and I don’t have the explosive either.

I’m about to just start from scratch again, but seriously does Purist mode not save?
Is that why it’s loading an old save file ? Can’t just remove the save or I lose all progress
and upgrades or I’d just do that. What do people do with random crashes?
Play the whole game through again? Not looking forward to that given how many times
the characters here in Train Station camp even when incited with the explosive.