hitman absolution turn off respawn after checkpoint

How to turn off respawn of the enemies after restarting at checkpoints? I’m willing to download mods to get rid of that future. Please help I’m currently playing the franchise

Hey @nzarbayezid

TLDR : unfortunately, what you ask is not possible

So, while I was looking for a solution for what you asked I found your post on the subreddit asking for the same.
So I think that you looked a bit everywhere. And most of the informations I can find to try to help, you might have found before.


What you are asking as been asked for a long time. Up to ten years ago, when the game was freshly released, a week after release more precisely.

Now, according to some posts, IOI directly answered their intent at the time. But it was on the Eidos forum, and since then deleted.
But short story long, the respawn is by design and there is no official way to turn it off. The game is checkpoint based. The scoring system is checkpoint based. The progression tracking is checkpoint based. So, it could break the game. At least the design, at worst the actual functioning of the game.

Which leaves you with unofficial solutions.

The first one would be a way to disable re-spawning. Maybe through a mod, or a trainer.
There is unfortunately none.
There is almost no mods (three on moddb, two on nexus) for the game, and the trainers available do not give this option.
I don’t even think it’s something that could be toggled on and off. I think it’s in the foundation of the architecture of the game. I thing that doing this would be less disabling re-spawn, and more creating a tracking system (of both NPCs and maybe items) that could then be re-injected at checkpoint reload. Which could really break the game. Especially the way scripting works on the Glacier engine.

The best solution for you would be a save mechanic, or more precisely a quick save mod.
Again unfortunately there is none.
It was a frequently asked question, both on steam and on reddit.

The only solution I can think of would be Save State. Via a virtual machine.
But on a relatively modern game, it would be almost impossible. As it would require to save (and reload) the entirety of the game and PC state. I wish to stress the following : this would not be a good idea.
Besides it’s a bit far from “no respawn”

I’m genuinely sorry to not have found a solution for you, but at least you know that it was looked for.

Good luck for your playthrough, I think you will have to play it the hard way :slight_smile: .


thanks for your information and your reply, so I’m jugoing tonna uninstall this game and I’m not gonna play it like it does not exist, blood money was much more fun than this, I’m going to jump to hitman 2016

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