HITMAN BINGU (Game mode by 420 + Gordiniroy)

Hey guys, Gordiniroy and I made a variant of BINGO for Hitman. The link below is for a google doc containing a generator that will randomly select 25 objectives and create a JSON list for BINGOSYNC.com

Also contained in the doc are some basic rulesets, however due to the nature of the game you can choose your own rules.

The idea of this mode is to test game/ map knowledge as well as general gameplay skill. Where are these items? How do I complete this task? What is the best order of approach for me to win? As a speedrunner, this mode is a breath of fresh air, and has allowed me reason to spend upwards of 30 minutes in a single run!

I’ve had a lot of fun playing 25 tile SA runs, 3 line vs matches, and lockout matches (first to x tiles). I plan on streaming some play sessions today on twitch if you want to see the game in action but I won’t link my twitch here. Just search for ‘Bingu’.

I hope at least some of you get some enjoyment out of this! And remember… its a WIP by two british lads… please send complaints to 01-21-D01, where they will be filed appropriately :rofl:


There is no password for the google doc. You should have viewer access. As for bingosync, you choose your own password for your own room/ login.

The recommended password ‘hitmanbingu’ is for players that want to make a public lobby, in the hope another random player will join. We do this with our speedrun server games.

Can’t say I understand the concept just from reading that, but sounds interesting, I’ll try and check out your twitch

Edit: okay just checked it out and all I can say is

Such a simple yet elegant competition mode, riffing on sort of the idea of escalations. Gotta say it’s freedom appeals to me much more than roulette. Hopefully the spreedrun discord will do an event out of this and I’ll me more than happy to join in

Well done @420 & (other unnamed Brit?) :clap:


Thank you man. Gordiniroy, fellow shoutcaster and player of recent Roulette tournaments, and all round decent fellow, should be joining me today, but right now i’m about to play Colorado. See you there?


Cheers dude, we had fun making this and it seems to be going over well with the lads over in Frote’s server. We’re expanding where we can and tweaking the weighting of tasks/ tiles and whatnot but it’s starting to get there.

Once we know more about H3 and Hitmaps.com (all one word) has caught up, you can be sure those maps will be included too.


Interesting concept :+1:
Thanks for bringing this to the Hitman Community :blush: