Hitman Blood Money HD Enhanced collection

Sorry if the question was already answered before, but I didn’t find it.

I bought a while ago the HD Enhanced collection on PS4. I have 100% finished them.
My question is: If I redownload the two games on the PS5, do the saves transfer also?

When I’ve downloaded Resident Evil Remaster from PS4 to PS5, it did also the transfer of saves. So, I wanted to know if it was the same for Hitman BM and Absolution.


You won’t have the save games. But who cares, it’s more fun to dk everything from the beginning
Or at least I think. I haven’t transferred anything from my ps4 to ps5 besides Hitman but for that if I am not mistaken everything is stored in your profile online


If they’re on cloud they should transfer.


Thx for both answers. I did download HBM and it actually does the transfer (and I don’t subscribe to PS+). Everything was already unlocked when I launched HBM on PS5.
Will try with Absolution this coming days.


For the record, I did download Hitman Absolution on PS5 yesterday. It did also the transfer of data, all levels was unlocked, in addition to challenges.

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