HItman Blood Money Mission Discussion

I believe that each mission in blood money introduces its own unique mechanic, and helps make each mission stand out in its own way.
A Vintage Year: Standard hitman mission

Curtains Down: Unique scripted kills, highly immobile and protective target, great level to show off the concept of accidents

Flatline: Mystery target, requires you to rescue an agent

A New Life: Retrieve item from non target, rewards aggressive play

Murder of Crows: Unknown location of targets, pretty much put on a race against the clock if you let the Puriah get the diamonds

You Better Watch Out: Allowed in most of the map in your suit, retrieve item, dog as witness

Death on the Mississippi: Unusually high number of targets

Till Death Do Us Part: Has an npc that is not allowed to die, targets have unique routes that can be manipulated by the player

A House of Cards: Has a target that doesn’t start off in the level, and makes great use of the sniper rifle, as it is the best way to kill the Sheikh, the mission takes place in a very large casino

A Dance with The Devil: Has targets that are unknown to the player, assassins trying to kill the player, 2 different themes blended together beautifully in one mission, makes great use of the ability to disguise as a target

Amendment XXV: It’s the fucking white house, very high level of security, target also has a dog, has you have a surprise fight against a target. Has the famous chad Mark Parchezzi III, who acts as a final boss.

What are your thoughts?


You forgot about requiem basically being a shoot out and i pretty much agree that every level has something unique, but imo the unique part of a mission can be to its detriment.


I didn’t include Death of a showman or requiem because I wouldn’t really consider them missions. And yeah, the setting def plays into the memorability of a mission.


Great lineup I really need to replay BM again :heart:
I kind of forgot about You better watch out and Till death do us apart, although they are great levels and settings.

I don’t think A new life rewards aggressive play… Agressive play means you need to deal with the fbi agents in the van when they attck you. Smart play means avoiding or donuting them beforehand.

Uargh the surprise fight against the clone killer in the White House was annoying. Iirc the best option was to cheesekill him with a preset remote explosive on the roof? I hate stuff that forcefully ruins your unnoticed silent playthrough.


The reason why I mentioned aggressive play is because once any alarm is tripped, backup arrives, so if you use any loud method to kill Vinnie, you have to get the necklace and have a plan to get out fast.


i think that’s a strong breakdown.


The unique (and kind of tedious imho) thing about YBWO is the verticality. This level is very vertical. There are like 6 floors?


Till Death Do Us Part is the only mission Agent 47 can have a gun visible without alerting anyone


Unfortunately, everyone who saw you with a gun counts as a witness. I learned it the hard way :roll_eyes:


What you mean by aggressive play? You don´t have to kill that non target to get that item.

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The player has to kill the target/witnesses swiftly so backup doesn’t arrive

You not the only one.

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if you’re going for silent assassin, killing the wife in a “accident” (Such as pushing her in the pool) does not count as collateral damage.

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Yes “accident” doesn´t count as kill.

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