Hitman blood money red texture when npc drags a bodybag

Hi everyone Swedish47 here, the new guy on the block if you will.

Anyway, I have played alot of the classic Hitman games during these two “hell-ish” years and there were some things i liked, such as the Noterioty system and making your targets look like they died accidently and these newspapers after each mission.

Oddly other nmore strange things happened that made me want to quit the game, no im not talking about some of the soundtrack being creepy, no i mean this.

DO NOT turn on blood in this game. if you do, prepare to see a red blood-like stretched line following a body bag that is being dragged by an npc, i saw a post on this bug on a steam community for the game, it mostly happened for me if i kill a lot of people in Curtains Dowmn, i’ve gotten SA rating on every mission many times, but seing that makes me wonder, is my game like haunted by an ex IO dev or something?

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Quit playing the game just because a non game-breaking bug, that’s kind of excesive :thinking:

But yeah, that’s a known issue with BM. I believe that the blood puddle that forms under a dead NPC is an actual model that is placed inside each NPC. I guess when the dead NPC is placed in the body bag, the blood sometimes reataches with the NPC and then it stretches across the level. It’s just a guess though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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