Hitman Blood Money Unsolved Mysteries

Just something else I noticed. If you knock out Hendrick Schmutz in House of Cards, steal his clothes and get a guard to notice him, he won’t attempt to wake up Schmutz, he’ll just bodybag him and take him to the security room. All whilst Schmutz is still alive. Perhaps the game doesn’t know what to do if Schmutz is alive but derobed.


I have nowhere else to put this.

In this collection, more specifically Volume 14 (mature) is a PS2 demo disc file containing a Hitman: Blood Money build that has the infamous scrapped lightbulb meter. JamPack volume 14 was originally released 37 days before Blood Money came out.

Just putting this here, if anyone is interested. First found this after looking at some old posts by Notex on discord.

Extra Stuff

CBA to dust off my PS2 and set the stuff up but I did have a quick look at a few of the files, as I also did for the February build of Contracts.

I think there is nothing on M07 except the target info we already have unfortunately. Anthony Martinez is referred to as “John Hardwick” in the news .loc file. I believe he is also referred to this in Hitman Absolution (newspaper in One of a Kind).

I think placeholder mission names are: Enjoy the Ride (M00), Here’s to You (M01) Merry Christmas (M02) Curtains Down (M03) Checking Out (M04) Come out to Play (M05) The Murder of Crows (M06) Meet (M08 :joy:) Best Man Wins (M09) Good Luck (M10) RSVP (M11) Amendment XXV (M12) Requiem (M13)

I’m confident there is a little more stuff but it’s incredibly hard to read in this unformatted mess. Only level .zip is for Death of a Showman. I think it has some dialogue text in it that I’ve never heard in-game, but it’s pretty boring and probably in the final game files. There’s bound to be a lot more, but that’s all I’ve seen so far. Not sure if all of it is that interesting anyway :grin:


I will probably edit this a few times as I find more info in the files.

Amendment XXV’s location is listed as “Little House on the Prairie” when translated to english, that’s funny. Requiem is listed as “Final Resting Place” which is very interesting, IIRC the location is missing in the final game files. There is also a more recent but still pre-release Xbox demo. I’ll maybe have a look at that tomorrow.


Forgot to add this horrible, choppy video of the disc I found awhile ago.
Hitman: Blood Money DEMO - PS2 - Widescreen - YouTube


This is a very nice find, thanks. I’ll try to document the findings in this demo version in a video maybe sometime next week, or if more stuff gets found I’ll just make a video on all blood money unsolved mysteries and cut content. I’ll also include some unused voice lines that I didn’t put on here, because they just hint to the removal of minor features.


Woaw, that’s quite interesting, and old :joy: funny that we can find some interesting stuffs in old demo discs


@Ingvar So do you have anything more about that demo btw? Can it be launched?

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I can’t say I do, haven’t looked at it since yesterday. It should launch perfectly fine if you have an emulator or a modded PS2 memory card. I haven’t tried (yet, anyway)

edit: I do have something new actually, but it’s not super interesting. It’s just a string that shows what build of the game it is specifically: blood-build3-20060124-22440

Good to know, I may try myself, what files do I need to download specifically? I saw there was a zip and a .iso of that volume 14

Oh umh :grimacing:

Oh great. I’m hoping it’s just because of the Internet Archive’s current power outage, but I can view other software perfectly fine :eyes:. I still have the files if it really was taken down.

You only need to download the JamPack volume 14 7Z file and extract the disc file.

Also, Blood Money build documentation below for those interested.

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I did download the .iso yesterday but it was completely empty, I thought I didn’t download the right one :thinking:

It was the same for me when I just downloaded the disc file alone. Downloading the Volume 14 zip fixes that.

Well I will wait for the power outage to end and will retry :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The outage is still going :sloth:

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@Luiluix @getro_gamer everything is back up now.




@Ingvar @HSRGV
A Dance With The Devil has a cut phone call with eve, the terrible singer with parchezzi on the phone when she wanders to her office. there are no audible lines from who she is talking to, but her cut line goes as follows - “Yeah, it’s Angel. No, no sign of him yet. you’d better pay up big time for this, and by the way, the singing costs extra!”

47 also has a cut line as well. in Flatline, when you try to equip the syringe for Smith, the inventory would just exit. In beta, 47 would actually say "Maybe I should save this for the rehabilitation guy. "
I guess they cut this so 47 would not constantly repeat that line when players try to equip the syringes


That phone call with eve isn’t cut lol. You can hear it when she goes into the room with the computer and makes a call. The flatline line is cut content however, and I can see why it was removed, as it just seems unnecessary dialogue for 47.


Oh, lol. It has been a long time since I explored Hitman games, so it is hard to tell what is still in the game and isn’t haha. Instead of exploring the game, I explore the code :laughing:


Was there any moment in BM, where turning off the lights made enemies not see you, aside from the tutorial?


Eve’s line is actually a bit different (iirc: Angel here. Haven’t spotted him yet. I’ll contact you when he’s taken care of. Oh, one more thing, the singing’s gonna cost you extra. Big (something).), so maybe this one is a cut alternative version?