HITMAN Card Game

I’m gonna make a HITMAN Card Game probably.

Give me some ideas for it. HITMAPs is gonna be used for the maps (and the Mario Party style isn’t gonna work).

What would you guys like to see be used in a card game? HITMAN: GO features maybe? Ability cards? This is a game for the community. It’ll be a game you can download for free and I will try to support it if possible.

(I am making it on Clickteam so it cannot be a 3D game.)


Slay The Hire(d Killer)

Tragic: The Stabbening


not a card game but a hitman TTRPG would be amazing


Do it Yu Gi Oh style with cards that have cool pictures of the targets and characters (instead of cool pictures of cool monsters) and with special stats to them. Like a card of 47 has 47 attack points or something, Olivia is a support card, Meat King would be like the Pot of Greed, Diana can be a support card (Regular Diana) or a trap card (picture of Diana from Mendoza), stuff like that. Basically Hitman: Duel Monsters, I mean Targets.


Freecell or solitaire with hitman characters?

Or perhaps Uno or 1000 bornes (french game) that last one have been fun since the 50s and you can cause opponents to get an accident etc…

I downloaded Hitman Go but still have to play it so no idea here.


I’m running w/ this.

(Fun fact: I made a simmilar game but in IRL and with hand drawn pictures. Good times. Nice game it was.)

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Is it single or multiplayer?

You get a bunch of Outfit cards but one of those cards/players is secretly 47 and you have to figure it out somehow

You get different types of Kill cards too? Like screwdriver, silverballer, accident

If 47 gets his kill and nobody works out who did it, that player scores a point, then a new round starts and a different player is secretly 47


It’s gonna be like HITMAN: Go. But if it were like… You remember FnAF world? Right?? That game.

But w/ HITMAN Aspects and levels themed around the locations.

e.g. The Tutorial will take place in ICA Facility etc.

Pretty much singleplayer. And you’ll be able to unlock the characters you defeat etc.

Then there will be the variations of 47.

The tutorial would have Initiate 47.

Completing all of Season 1 would give you Classic 47 (With the Signature Suit W/ Gloves, could make use of the silverballer).

Season 2 would give you Lucas Grey AND 47 in one card. I’d have to find some way to make that an ability.

Season 3 would more or less give you the Constant or Classic, CLASSIC 47. Maybe it would give you Codename 47 version of Agent 47.

There are a lot of ideas to put into play but first I got to figure out how I’m making this game in CLICKTEAM.


So if it’s like fnaf world will you add a character who’s only purpose is to round out the roster number like endoplush did

I’ll add Kokoro for that.

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I am now 10 times more interested in this

This game is gonna take 10x longer than I want it to but it’ll be worth it not gonna lie.

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