Hitman Characters Inspired By Movie Characters


The other night I was watching Carlito’s Way and saw this guy… Totally reminded me of Ivan Zilvanovitch from Codename 47. I wonder if this character (Walberto) was inspiration?


They really look alike. Don’t know if that is intentional. Sergei Zavorotko is also likely inspired by Sergei Petrofsky from the film Eraser.


Well speaking of this, after playing Landslide…
Don’t Marco look a little like Robert De Niro?
No…? :laughing:


I am going to have to watch Eraser again. Totally looks like him! Great find!


Yeah! This is what I was hoping would happen to this thread. That looks like they were inspired by DeNiro’s character for sure. Good post!


Can’t be more obvious.


Well maybe not ‘looks wise’ but I believe the target Frantz Fuchs was based off the real Australian terrorist, whose name was exactly ‘Frantz Fuchs’


I always thought Erich Soders looked like Liam Neeson from TAKEN, but with the voice of Ralph Fiennes from SCHINDLER’s LIST.


Classic! Love that movie. Say hello to my leeeetle friend!


Another great find by @AGENT4T7
Nice! His face is pretty comical!


You’re right! I also think the guy who’s been stalking 47 also looks like Liam Neeson.


Actually both Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson look something alike now that I think about it.


Gustaf Skarsgard always kind of reminded me of Ralph Fiennes too.


I don’t know about De Niro, but he sure as hell looks a lot like my uncle.


Don Giuseppe Giuliani looks like Jon Polito.


He may be bigger and without the tattoos but I’m certain this guy was inspired by Danny Trejo.


Meat King looks like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, except fatter and MUCH more of a bastard.


Haha well now I’m curious :laughing:
Let’s see your uncle!


That’s him in the middle.


Yes you are right! I wonder if Jon Polito ownes a pimp pair of burgundy wing tips like Don Guilani :thinking: