Hitman Codename 47 Lost Character gifs and sheets

Greetings! I have recently accessed an old Hitman: Codename 47 website (www.hitman.dk) through the Wayback machine and have noticed that if you click on IOI and enter the games section, there are 15 little interactable squares beneath the “Characters - Weapons - Settings” tabs, with 5 of them being gifs related to the characters. As of now, there’s only one screenshot available, the other 14 are inaccessible. Has anyone ever seen these gifs back when the website was still up and functional and is there any chance to locate or activate them now? Maybe someone still has a few of these files installed somewhere on their hard drive? I have the exact same question regarding the old Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, except almost everything is accessible but the “Allies” screenshots that may have had more info on the secondary targets/characters. Also, there are apparently only two character sheets (Lee Hong’s and Campbell Sturrock’s) on the Hitman: Contracts fandom with their crimes and fingerprints. Are there more character sheets for the other characters from Contracts and were they created by the devs or the fans?


The website:Wayback Machine

They legit just said they tried that and it only had one of the screenshots available.


Yes, I have already tried to click on those screenshots and gifs, but they were blank.

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