Hitman Codename 47 Remake

I know half the missions were remade in Hitman Contracts but would love a full remake of Codename 47 the ball is in your court IOI

@MrOchoa can tell more on the subject :slight_smile:


What do they say about it??

What is this “Codename 47” i hear all the cool kids talk about all the time?


Codename 47 is classified

I think that it’s better to use all the good stuff from previous games, improve it and put it into the new games rather than remaking the classics at the risk of losing the prime essence and quality of those games.

I think this thread exists twice already. Once as Code Name 47 Revamp and once as Hitman Codename 47 Remastered in H3. Not to mention the myriad of other threads that, at some point or another, have become @MrOchoa asking for it :joy:

This is the only old hitman game that really needs a remaster (a remake is another subject), at least on PC like Freedom Fighters (and on consoles but I don’t believe IO will make such effort to port an old code that has always worked only on PC).

All following games work rather well, especially Contracts. Just think about limiting fps not to exceed 100.


This game needs also a release on current gen consoles. I hope someday IO will let Nightdive Studios do this, they’ve proven time and time again that they love classic games and do always a great job of remastering them :heart: