Hitman Complete First Edition, Definitive Steelbook Edition and Goty on PS4

Hi, I have a question about these games: so if I were to install all these games, would these be separate games on my PS4?

Yes (CFS and digital GOTY) and possibly no (DE and digital GOTY).

When I had the digital GOTY installed and I inserted the DE disc back in 2018, I had a weird prompt that I’ve never seen since with any other game. It asked me if I wanted to the console to “convert” the digital GOTY install to the DE install, which would have meant I would have to have the disc inserted in future to play it. I selected no and it installed separately.

Whether that still happens (Sony might have patched that option out with firmware) or the last patch released as H2 launched removed the PS4’s ability to identify them as being the same thing, I have no idea.