Hitman contracts for Kill Everyone

This is a list of all modded contracts for hitman 3 made so that everyone is a target, these are for all the platforms on H3 and H3 only

Link:Kill Everyone contract IDs.docx - Google Docs

(please note that the neither document nor the contracts are made by me)

Please let me know if the link does not work


Dartmoor Garden Show ID for xbox is wrong:
Xbox: 2-33-3209067-00
Playstation: 3-33-9591885-65

Should start with a 3, and the PS ID doesn’t work either.

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EDIT- Google doc has some inaccuracies, use this Bilibili link (original from Quartz Tan) in future - 【杀手3】人人都可以拿到沉默刺客的系列契约/屠城契约(全平台) - 哔哩哔哩

Use Google Translate if you don’t know Chinese

Updated Kill Everyone Contract Doc:
Kill Everyone contract IDs - Google Docs

Thanks to @Quartz_tan for putting this all together, I’m just the messenger and one of the Stadia contract recreators.

Updates and Improvements:

  • Add support for Steam version of game
  • Add Paris main mission (Showstopper)
  • Add Sapienza main mission (World of Tomorrow)
  • Add Marrakesh main mission (A Gilded Cage)
  • Add Bangkok main mission (Club 27)
  • Fix Patient Zero KEC contract to include “Jeff” NPC
  • Add Santa Fortuna main mission (Three Headed Serpent)
  • Add Mumbai main mission (Chasing a Ghost)
  • Add Sgail main mission (Ark Society)
  • Add Mendoza main mission (Farewell)
  • Fix some other bugs such as the Garden Show stuff mentioned in other post above

The Xbox Contract ID for the Dartmoor Garden Show doesn’t work, maybe it’s a typo?

I’ve edited that ID, the correct one (hopefully) should be 3-33-9591885-69

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I had a lot of fun with the original batch of “Kill Everyone” contracts. But the new set seems mostly broken and unplayable from having too many targets, which is probably why those levels weren’t originally included.

Guns are broken with most of these contracts I’ve tried. I can fire multiple shots at a target, but only a small fraction of them actually hit. It’s like 90% of the bullets are simply non-existent. As you can imagine, this causes some problems when trying to kill everyone, since now NPCs spot me and can run away and the guns can’t do anything to stop them. Interestingly though, this effect also works in reverse - guards shooting at me also appear to have 90% non-existent bullets.

But even more annoyingly, these contracts are highly likely to crash the game. The Paris and Marrakesh main missions work for maybe a minute before they crash. I got about 15 minutes into the Santa Fortuna main mission before the game crashed (which is super frustrating, because I’d prefer that if the game were to crash, it would do so before I really get into playing a level).

I’m playing on Epic, so maybe it’s just the PC version that’s broken? Do the contracts fully work on other platforms? Or is it solely just my PC that they don’t work on?


Nah it’s like that on every platform, any contract with like more than 150? 200? (not sure exact number) of targets will make bullets unreliable when it comes to hitting NPC.

You need to start these contracts off by using melee on the first 20 or so NPC (depending on the map), and then the guns will work again.

About crashing, I also had a lot of crashing testing these contracts on Stadia as well as my own PC (Epic). Not just you.

To be honest, these Kill Everyone contracts are fun, especially on a smaller map like Whittleton Creek where there aren’t that many targets to make the game run weirdly.

However, for big maps like Mumbai etc, you may be better off just playing the regular campaign mission for Kill Everyone. Sure, you won’t get the dopamine of regaining green guns at the end, and you might not know if you killed “everyone”, but I think it’s better to have the game run properly; you’ll still mostly get the fun of Kill Everyone without the contracts.

I might add a disclaimer about this to the Google Doc.


Some of the more populated maps won’t even load for me (Epic). I can run Whittleton Creek and Hokkaido Kill Everyone maps just fine but Mumbai, Mendoza, and other high population maps are just not possible. Bangkok loads but crashes, as does Sapienza (though the Author works just fine as there are less NPCs on that version).

Just wanted to say thank you for this list, and special thanks to @Quartz_tan for making the contracts!

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I love these contracts! I found it relaxing. This is how i managed to play sapienza, mendoza and bangkok main mission map successfully without crashing on playstation: avoid running and turning OR running and using instinct at the same time. I also deactivate PiP, although I don’t know if it helps significantly. When you try to electrocute many people, try not to look (or as i do it, looking at empty wall) or do anything as it goes. the animation is lighter that way. Tried to test this on Marrakesh but so far I can only play for 20ish minutes before crashing maybe bc I electrocuted many targets it gets to heavy. Definitely not for those who prefers fast paced gameplay. No problem found on Ambrose island map.

While I think they could be fun, I don’t play these contracts because I cannot see 47 as a mass murderer. But If a modder could port the Patient Zero situation to other maps, I will be happy to play it, that idea was genius from IOI. Also there were no performance problems on the map, so it’s something related to the contracts aspect of the map.

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There’s a mod on nexus mods, i can’t find it but it’s one there

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For Isle of sgail : start on the chapel with sniper rifle in your hand, eliminate as much as guard in front of other guards. Stay where you are, they’ll come for you, eliminate bunch of them with pistols on the chapel. Don’t get too close because it’ll be bugged. From there the game should run smoothly.

For Marrakesh : Start as repair man, again lure and eliminate as much as people ( preferably guards so you have enough amount of ammo) on the rooftop

For Paris : Start as server, melee as much as you can. Other locations could cause the game to crash

berlin xbox doesent work

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Xbox One players need not bother with the more crowded locations as they will always crash regardless what you do.

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I can’t play the Vector and Isle of Sgail for Steam. It says contract not found.

The correct ID for Sgail Steam is:

Steam: 1-21-7221564-97

Some of the ID may be wrong and I don’t have edit access to the Google Doc anymore, so you can double check with the original from Quartz_Tan: 【杀手3】人人都可以拿到沉默刺客的系列契约/屠城契约(全平台) - 哔哩哔哩

(use Google Translate if you don’t know Chinese).

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Do we know if any have been created for the Freeform Training mission particularly on Xbox?

Yes: 3-99-3433975-69

You can find them all here. Use Google Translate for the page if needed.


Why isn’t there a one for Romania? I know that’s only 40-something kills, but still!