Hitman Contracts Redone Textures + Download link

Just started working on redoing the character textures on contracts as a side project. Tell me what you think about the work done so far!
Download Link: (Installation Instructions included)




Looks pretty good so far. Are you manually fixing up each texture or using some form of AI upscaling? I assume the former, I wish you the best of luck with this. Tons of textures to do lmao.

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This looks beary good! Contarcs is my favourite entry of the franchise so I’m eager to see more of your work on this project.

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Thanks! For this batch I manually went in and added further detail and changed luminescence for the textures. I also went in and manually sharpened the darker colors which makes the textures pop more in game.

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I cannot agree more, contracts if by far my favorite of the series as well!

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In-Game comparison with old textures vs new.


One of the best texture packs I’ve used in this game so far. Excited to see the rest of it as you update it!

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Thanks! I already finished remodeling all the characters in asylum aftermath. Tomorrow will do a full release of the character remodels on mod-db. Currently just started working on Meat king’s party.