Hitman: Contracts Slow Motion Lag And Black Screen Fix

I already posted this fix on the Hitman subreddit but I thought I should post this on the Hitman Forums as well.

I found a solution to my problem with two pieces of information that hopefully applies a universal fix and not just a fix for me.

On Steam’s community hub discussions, the user “lovestosmudge” created a post titled “Game speed is too fast”.

On that post, the user “Externalfear” mentioned limiting the frames per second to 60 and setting the monitor’s refresh rate to 60hz.

Below this comment, the user “Hars1k” provided configuration settings that helped fix issues with the graphics being jittery.

The exact configuration settings listed below:


SoundDll SoundEngine.dll

ScriptDll sdl_engine.dll

scriptifdll scriptinterfaces.dll

DrawDll RenderD3D.dll

SoundRender Direct Sound (SW)

Resolution 1920x1080

ColorDepth 32

Antialias 0

StartUpperPos 0,0

InvertMouse 0

SpeechVolume 90

MusicVolume 90

SoundEffectsVolume 90

AutoDumpName dump0000.jpg

TextureResolution 1

NumSoundBuffers 64

UseEAX 1

DrawDistance 1.000000

Subtitles 1

WeatherEffects 1


DisableBump 0

GammaValue 1.000000

LevelOfDetail 1

ShadowDetail 2

VibrationMode 0

PostFilterLOD 1

DisableTrilinearFiltering 1

Anisotropy 1

Window 1

WeatherMultiplier 0.600000