Hitman Creative Speedruns discord server

Hi. This is Joshua. Recently I decided to create my own discord server dedicated to all the creative buddies from the Hitman community. From the first ever title Codename 47 (2000) to HITMAN 2 (and now the upcoming HITMAN 3) I’ve always being fascinated by people on the internet pushing the games to their limits, completing missions with completely insane strats and still being able to get the Silent Assassin rating with it. But my problem is : Very often this kind of content is not very much known and hard to find compared to the other Hitman videos we can find on YT (especially for the old hitman games) and these channels maybe got like 10 or 60 suscribers for a lot of them. I wish I had lived in that time years and years ago where there were all these legendary hitman players craving for nothing but creation. (I can think of BurstingGlass, taishon3946, sgg19847, kaimnatih, m1rk3s and of course Hitgod47).These guys were not making speedruns for getting the best timers, they were making speedruns for the beauty of imagination. This kind of content is everything I love about Hitman : Have fun finding new interesting ways to complete the missions and sometimes breaking the space-time continuum :grin:. The thing I want to do with this server is : creating a connection between all the most creative hitman players, whatever the hitman game they play. Creating a community on the art of speedrunning Hitman.


These are all the channels available to post your strats or someone else’s strat in

The link is here https://discord.gg/f8c4VpKBst

I hope you’ll enjoy. See you :slightly_smiling_face:

i remember m1rk3s from the german Hitman Forum back in the Day, loved his runs!
I also like your yt videos, btw.