Hitman Destination Multiplayer option

I think it would be really interesting to have a multiplayer option for the destinations in Hitman, and you can play as Knight and Stone from the Sniper Assassin game mode. It would be interesting because you would be able to co-ordinate takedowns and use strategy, instead of just being a one man army. I just really want this, but not just in the newer games, in the older games first, as more people are more likely to own Hitman 2 than 3. It would not only boost popularity, but it would also boost just the sheer fun of being a professional Hitman.


They already discontinued Sniper Assassin multiplayer and Ghost Mode. They’re done entirely with experimenting with multiplayer in WoA unfortunately it seems. Sorry mate


what do you mean discontinued sniper assassin. im still able to play it

Multiplayer / coop would be the best idea for such a game but IO doesn’t seem to consider multiplayer a good option, although their previous failed attempt only failed because they didn’t put enough effort into it, and not because the players didn’t like it for what it was;
There’s definitely so much potential in having 2 assassins in a single map, and from that they could even create “party” modes to make the experience even more fun, there’s “barely” any work to do for these modes to exist, IO just needs to consider it something we want and that would at least be a good thing to try for once

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