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There is no excuse for IO to not have cutscenes without animations anymore!

Modders should team up with you to create funny H2 cutscenes. :joy:


Absolutely fucking excellent, im glad i wasted 2gb of vacation data to watch this in spain with no wifi. Its so extremely well made. Chicken pointed out most of the excellent shots. And he himself contributed in a great way.


This is so funny I love it. Excellent work. :rofl: :rofl:


the fact that this community is so encouraging with creativity is awesome. from the bottom of my heart, truly, thank you guys for your support. :blue_heart: there were moments where a background would make me want to give up, or something else felt too tedious but remembering how nice you all are helps me keep going in tough spots. i hope you all have a great day :four_leaf_clover: :sunny: @TheChicken @Force_Obscure @BradleyPaine @scat1620 @Urben @Khakiasp @empressofpersia


lofi hip hop record player - beats to help you relax and plot the demise of blue seed:

(For the proper viewing experience, play this music while viewing this image).


I did another picture of Diana and 47 :smiling_face:


HIYA!! it’s me. dai. again. here to post my mandatory lucas art i make whenever something interesting happens in the hitman community. this week: ambrose island.


out of context Ambrose Island doodle :stuck_out_tongue:


Oops, totally sleept on posting New Models here, even though I really did made quite alot of progress on my Winterbottom Sheet. I even have three new Occupations, though I’ll start with added Models to existing categories.
bandicam 2022-07-28 21-49-20-340
One New Raver. I mostly just made him, since I actually hadn’t used head_arabic_30s_03 (Khan) at all in Winterbottom so far, but wanted to use his Face on another Head later down and it felt kinda weird.
bandicam 2022-07-28 21-49-49-179
One New Club Bouncer. Having Four Club Bouncers just felt like an odd Number, even if it is even lol.
bandicam 2022-07-28 21-50-07-935
Two New Club Technicans.

New NPC Group I: Becker’s Bodyguards.
This are the Bodyguards of Thormund Becker, the Mayor of Winterbottom City. It also features the first Appearence of Merle or head_african_50s_01.

New NPC Group II: Junkyard Workers
Originally I planned to “reuse” the Warehouse Workers for the Junkyard Level, but it just felt a bit too lazy, so I grabbed one of them and turned him into the first Model of the Junkyard Workers and then made more.
bandicam 2022-07-28 22-01-13-015
bandicam 2022-07-28 21-51-01-606
New NPC Group III: Drug Dealers
Honestly not even sure if I’m gonna use this Guys, but I feel like I could come up with something.

That’s it for now, so I do have plans for yet another New Gang, since I won’t use the Lefletcher Gang, because there just too similair to The Chronic and there already are 2 rivaling Gangs in The Orcas and Cheetahs.

Not sure why someone felt the need to flag my Post. It’s not like I’ve always been posting my NPC Models in here.


You know what they say, gotta finish what you start.


The dastardly duo of the andaman sea, Noel Crest & Sinhi “Akka” Venthan.

A quick doodle of these two, might make another piece with 'em later, their designs are starting to grow on me. Despite them feeling rather generic when i first saw them


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Is this ai generated?


It is.

The distorted face and image quality gives it away.


Christ, i wonder why they put it in the "fan art gallery"then


I mean, they did put effort in typing out what they wanted in the A.I image generator and waiting for it to finish.


Been working on Little Thomaswell lately, which is a small Town set a bit before Winterbottom. It’s meant to introduce the Town Concept for which I have been making this Models mainly.

Originally I was going to “reuse” Models from Winterbottom, though it felt a bit too lazy. It did took me quite a long time to get all my Poor Civillains in the Game, so I’ll be a bit sparingly now, when it comes to new Models for WB.

Anyway, since I didn’t wanted a Full Reuse, but also not make a ton of New Models, especially for a small area, I decided to take some Inspiration from Ambrose Island (without the fully reused Models, I see you IO ;)) and edit WB’s Poor Civillians to varying degress. All of them also have Names of course, though unlike before, even NPCs without dialogue are listed, since I decided against Classic Crowd NPCs a few Months ago.

The Colors mean the following:
Black=Has Dialogue
Blue=Has Indirectly Dialogue, which is triggered by talking to another NPC
Red=No Dialogue

Denis Hoffmann = Shirt Added
Carter Sanders = Head swapped from head_caucasian_20s_02 to head_caucasian_50s_05

Johnnie Kruger = Head swapped from head_indian_20s_03 to head_asian_30_03
Livvy Lu = Head swapped from head_arabic_40s_01 to head_asian_20_10

Kuno Knopf = Pants shortend
Anita Chase = Shirt edited

Matthew Padmore = Head swapped from head_arabic_20s_01 to head_arabic_30s_02
Lincoln Way = Shirt added

Sheena Andre = Head swapped from head_hispanic_20s_03 to head_african_20s_02, Shoes added
Kiki Saarinen = Pants shortend, Shoes removed

Maja Granger = Head swapped from head_asian_20s_04 to head_andreapenca, Multiple Outfit Edits
Selma McNabb = Head swapped from head_indian_30s_02 to head_african_30_02

Dwyer Sawyer = Skin recolored, Shirt recolored and edited, Pants lengthed
Marinda Marilou Yeung = Head swapped from head_indian_20s_03 to head_asian_20s_11, Haircut changed

Also I put the original Models from next to them on the right-hand side and to see what was edited, look under the Pictures.


A girl can dream… :relieved:


honestly a more stealth action game unironically like absolution, would work wonders for grey


Yes, a game with him would be something in between an action game and a stealth game.