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Got something different today.

I’ve started bringing back a few of my older Heads a while ago already. However when I first started keeping my sprites in one art-style, I just built my characters out of pre-existing components, which includes Heads. This makes a bit awkward to me today, to still use this characters and while there are ways to work around it, there are still some characters which I hesitated to use, because of that, so today I finally broke that and can finally bring back the first important character, Autumn, as I build her a new Head in my style from scratch.

Left - Old Head (I copy pasted from a Pokemon Sprite Sheet)
Right - New Head,
bandicam 2023-02-09 19-43-39-653


Wow lovely work!


Thank you! :blush: Back then, I was inspired by my favorite intro from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, where 47 plucks a tomato


Aw this is sweet. :blue_heart: It feels like there isn’t enough fan art of 47 just being wholesome


Started the New Female Ravers, so as I just had brought back three Male Heads from the past, I also did another 6 Male Ravers, before finishing them up for good.

Raver 81 - head_caucasian_20s_09 (Morten)
Raver 82 - head_asian_50s_03 (Han)
‘The Red Baron’ - head_creepybandit (Nikki)
‘Twister’ - head_courier (Jost)
Raver 85 - head_casinoceo (Hamish)
Raver 86 - head_caucasian_30s_15 (Nate)

Raver 41 - head_asian_20s_02 (Linn)
Raver 42 - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Poppy)
‘Violet’ - head_autumn (autumn)
Raver 44 - head_autumn (autumn)
Raver 45 - head_african_20s_02 (Eimhear)
Raver 46 - head_caucasian_40s_02 (Jane)
Raver 47 - head_caucasian_20s_04 (Lulu)
Raver 48 - head_asian_20s_08 (Sip-Nan)
Raver 49 - head_indian_20s_01 (Avani)
Raver 50 - head_indian_30s_02 (Elena)

Raver 51 - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Poppy)
Raver 52 - head_african_30s_01 (Reyes)
Raver 53 - head_caucasian_20s_03 (Lauren)
‘Boombox’ - head_autumn (Autumn)


A few more new Female Ravers. While there’re nearly done I would still like to make one or two New Heads and this is a good opportunity to use them right away afterwards, so the next Models might take a while.

Raver 55 - head_empress_V2 (Bernie)
Raver 56 - head_andreapenca (Andrea)
Raver 57 - head_fionajohnson (Fiona)
Raver 58 - head_caucasian_20s_03 (Lauren)
Raver 59 - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Poppy)
Raver 60 - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Poppy)

Raver 61 - head_african_20s_01 (Xia)
“Blueberry Pie” - head_arabic_40s_02 (Lyla)
Raver 63 - head_asian_20s_11 (Hotaru)
Raver 64 - head_asian_20s_07 (Shino)
Raver 65 - head_hispanic_20s_01 (Lisa)
Raver 66 - head_indian_30s_01 (Isabelle)
Raver 67 - head_asian_20s_11 (Hotaru)
Raver 68 - head_myrilmadsen (Myril)
Raver 69 - head_autumn (Autumn)
Raver 70 - head_asian_20s_06 (Chiyuri)
bandicam 2023-02-19 23-00-22-739
Raver 71 - head_asian_20s_05 (Brie)
Raver 72 - head_asian_30s_02 (Hoang)


Death Duck Awaits


Alt-universe duck has a strange fascination with bald bobble-heads.


It’s been a while since I last posted once of these and technically aswell as pratically, this one also isen’t a weekly sheet, but I gotta save this Models up sometime. There stil are quite a few Models here from this Week though.

From 2022
Male 1 - head_asian_40s_05 (Nikki) (formerly head_kantoconnectionleader)
Male 2 - head_gevasevargas (Vargas)
Male 3 - head_indian_30s_05 (Mayur)
Male 4 - head_caucasian_20s_03 (Conrad)
From CW7
Male 5 - head_asian_20s_01 (Basil)
Male 6 - head_african_50s_01 (Merle)
Male 7 - head_asian_20s_03 (Chen)
Arthur Watyrflow (Human, Prison) - head_asian_20s_02 (Philip)
Arthur Watyrflow (Human) - head_asian_20s_02 (Philip)
From This Week
Male 10 - head_creepybandit (Nikki)
Eli Norwood (Remake) - head_bonbonmaster (Kazimir)
Luis (Human) - head_caucasian_20s_09 (Morten)
Clyde (Human) - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Chris)
Mongkut (Remake) - head_asian_50s_03 (Han)
Matis Kunibert Anthoonyson “Day One” - head_caucasian_30s_04 (Augustus)

From 2022
Adele - head_caucasian_20s_02 (Arina)
From CW7
Female 2 - head_empress_v2 (Bernie)
From This Week
Female 3 - head_african_20s_01 (Xia)
Female 4 - head_arabic_20s_02 (Lisa)
Female 5 - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Poppy)
‘The Oracle’ - head_indian_30s_02 (Elena)
Jacinth Li “Day One” - head_asian_20s_11 (Hotaru)
Rena Craig “Day One” - head_african_20s_02 (Eimhear)


made a third cartoon about Freelancer. these are quite fun to draw :man_bald:t2::briefcase::airplane:


Its always great to wake up to a new video from you!

Its so cool you used one of my screenshots as template :open_mouth:
Interesting how you edited the bodyguard out and redrew him to make it more 3D and alive.


Thanks! And yes, I’m sorry id meant to ask in advance and completely forgot. I’ll give you credit in the description. You have a great eye for framing :slight_smile: Sincerest apologies about this. I believe I also used a screencap from @Khakiasp , though I’m not sure. Sometimes I’ll just save cool screencaps to look at later, not necessarily for art (so it doesn’t always have a name attached)


No Its totally alright! You dont have to credit me at all :smiley: Im just happy I could contribute to you awesome art. Really, everything i make is for everyone to use. Im honored to be part of it.

Thank you, and you too!

Same, there are so many great things this community share every day. Its crazy to keep up with :joy:


Fanart Fridayyy


Aw man, seeing the old lettering makes me nostalgic.


Hahaha you right, I tried to find some kind of fond to add to the Action hero 80’s feel but ended up settling with the Hitman fond. Added some additional effects to make it look like carbon fiber (totally improvised)


This is awesome…Love the boxy shoulders and color scheme. Reminds me of Saul Bass’ art style in some ways


A Weekly Sheet in Time? It’s been awhile, since I’ve mananged to do this. This weekly sheet was also a lot of Fun to make as I did more SotU inspired Designs for my Little Thomaswell and Winterbottom Models. Two of them are even scheduled to appear in SotU and not only do there Subtitles might declare who now, but there also a little more diverse now, so the Legend downstairs might give you more insight.

Omar Winfield "Day One" - head_caucasian_20s_02 (Ewan)
Bob Strudwick “Hardend Survivor” - head_caucasian_20s_02 (Ewan)
Male 3 - head_caucasian_30s_04 (Augustus)
Mario McConnell “Our Darkest Thoughts” - head_african_20s_01 (John)
Kenny Penny “Our Darkest Thoughts” - head_caucasian_50s_01 (Marvin)
Johnnie Kruger “Day One” - head_asian_30s_03 (Takewaki)
Dennis Brennan “Something To Suffer” - head_arabic_30s_02 (Faheel)
Alexander R. Bonnaire “Hardend Survivor” - head_caucasian_30s_04 (Augustus)
Viktor “Hardend Survivor” - head_caucasian_40s_02 (Viktor)

Madam Shen Tsu “Our Darkest Thoughts” - head_asian_20s_10 (Clara)
Maryvonne Victors “Hardend Survivor” - head_indian_30s_02 (Elena)
Velma Hass “Our Darkest Thoughts” - head_
Tuija Gill “Hardend Survivor” - head_african_20s_02 (Eimhear)
Maya Granger “Day One” - head_andreapenca (Andrea)
Poorly Adapted Female Survivor - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Poppy)
Zhihao Tong “Wildlands” - head_asian_20s_03 (Bankei) x head_indian_20s_01 (Avani)


“Day One” = Survivor Character at the Beginning Stages of SotU
“Hardend Survivor” = Survivor Character at Later Stages of SotU
“Our Darkest Thoughts” = Antagonistic SotU Character


Got a collective Sheet of CW10 and 11 here, introducing the Remake Line, which, as the name may suggest, feature different Remaked Character Designs.

Vintage Baron - head_arabic_40s_02 (Jamaal)
Male 2 - head_arabic_20s_02 (Ken)
Male 3 - head_asian_50s_02 (Tao)
Male 4 - head_asian_30s_01 (Qui-Gon) X head_asian_20s_02 (Philip)
Oliver Wong - head_asian_20s_03 (Chen)
Male 6 - head_arabic_40s_02 (Jamaal)

Female 1 - head_indian_30s_01 (Isabelle)
Female 2 - head_african_20s_02 (Eimhear)
Female 3 - head_autumn (Autumn)

Autumn - head_autumn (Autumn)
Erin - head_asian_20s_10 (Clara)
Erin (Prison) - head_asian_20s_10 (Clara)
Paige Pyke - head_armsdealer (Natalie)
Briony Lebonn - head_brionylebonn (Briony)
Wilkins - head_indian_50s_01 (Bagdu)


Ezra berg

It’s been a while since i did hitman fanart, but i sketched this today and started a sketch for my continueing my et series