Hitman | Fan Film | Kick Ass Film Fest

Hi everyone! I had reached out to reddit users about a month ago for some info on what they would want to see in a Hitman fan film. I took all the notes into consideration and we finally made our film. This is for the 72 Hour Kick Ass Film Fest. Each year we make promos based around our favorite IPs. For 2024 we chose to kick it off with Hitman. We filmed this in 12 hours. Trying to keep the spirit of the 72 hour deadline alive in our own projects. Would love if you check it out, like and subscribe. Let me know what you think.



This seems like 47 going into a mission with a restricted loadout. He did have a coin and fiberwire. But I’d have to deduce that he obtained the firearm from the guard since it wasn’t his trademark 1911 Hardballer/Silverballer pistol (even with a silencer). It would have been better to subdue or KO the 2nd (smaller) guard and stash his body somewhere instead of shooting him to avoid a ‘Non Target Kill’ which normally voids a Silent Assassin rank. :sweat_smile: Not only that - the gunshot noise will draw attention. But I suppose that was the point in order to get the 3rd guard outside.