HiTMAN Fanmade Videos

Post your creative videos here.

Let me start with my most recent cinematic adaptation
of HiTMAN 2 Miami: The Finish Line.

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Made this tribute to 47 a while back using the free camera mod and ingame footage

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It’s pretty basic but I tried to recreate Blood Money’s ‘A Dance With The Devil’ in HITMAN III using a few custom contracts and editing. This isn’t a normal contract or anything, just a combination.


I’m (slowly) making videos playing through my steam library. This time it was Hitman (2016).

Hitman BGs2

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I made a tribute video out of all trailers, roadmap videos and teasers from the trilogy and Absolution with a badass song:

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Pirate Of Haven :skull_and_crossbones: :desert_island: :crossed_swords:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly :moneybag: :cowboy_hat_face: :cactus:

The Pretenders :kiss: :ballot_box_with_check: :smiling_imp:


As an apology for not getting my Hitman WOA Review out in time, I’m sharing something I made in advance for it; a summarised explanation of the Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman comic!, in the animated style of Overly Sarcastic Productions.

This took two and a half weeks to do, and I had to redo a few frames to make it look more chibi-like (Ort-Meyer looks surprisingly non-threatening here). Either way, enjoy, because I certainly did when I made it.


this is freaking incredible!

Not at all creative or well edited, but the first time I exited The Farewell in Mendoza by doing the tango with Diana was my single favourite ever moment in gaming - it was all I could do not to just shout “YES!” at the top of my voice - and so I’ve made a quick 4k capture of the tango exit for posterity, moving the camera in a circle as they dance to try and capture the inherent cinematic quality of the moment.

Music Box Dancer: Tribute to IOI. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication over the years, this game ROCKS!

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