Hitman fans try not to complain about everything challenge

Has anyone else noticed that whenever new stuff comes out for this game, everyone seems to complain about everything? Or am I stupid and wrong and really it’s all fine

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It’s called having standards and them not being met.


I guess my standards are a lot lower than most people, because I have been pretty happy with basically everything in year 2 and beyond

Especially for the free content like Ambrose and Freelancer

Anything in particular you referring to?

With the exception of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC (which some, if not most of those complaints that I remember were valid), the only other complaints I can think of were things related to patch notes (like things that didn’t need fixing), or things that legitimately weren’t working as intended.

I admit that I could be missing something, but the Hitman community is one of the most positive communities I am member of.


Tbh, ever since the Street Art, Makeshift, Trinity Pack and Sarajevo Six trailers have been released on YouTube, people in the comments kept complaining about them and said some negativity about it, they even kept asking for new maps as if making a map would be easy to do and I personally think that they should just stop with it. It’s probably the people on YouTube complaining about it


Oh ok, that makes sense. I haven’t really read the comments on YouTube (I mostly just read the comments here on the Hitman Forum)

I did read a few comments on IOI’s Instagram pages, and I do remember a few comments asking for new maps and/or Bonus Missions, but the ones I read at least were pretty polite and weren’t what I would describe as “complaining”.

It’s generally the casual player base that I find is completely unrealistic in their expectations of what IO should be delivering as far as additional content goes. Fortunately, these people tend to hang out on Reddit, social media and YouTube so we don’t see too much of it on here to be honest.

Its like they think IO still has a massive team of people working on the game - when in reality that number is in the low single digits (apparently) - and that they have an endless supply of money to keep producing content to give out for free.

Surely having major content releases like Ambrose Island and Freelancer be free and then have optional cosmetic paid DLC to generate some sort of income is better than the cosmetic DLC not existing and the major content put behind a paywall?


There are people who have good reasons to complain, and others who are here just to troll and spit on the game and developers for the sake of it.


hitman good but sometimes hit man bad i think, but usually pretty quite alright


IOI has made their share of puzzling, questionable and straight up disappointing or bad decisions over the last few years.

However, the game is in a decent enough state, it has tons of content, IOI are trying their best to roll out bugfixes and new content however scarce those may seem, they’re trying to keep in touch with the community.

So when every comment under IOI’s YT channel is about IOI supposedly always failing to deliver and overall being disappointing, it annoys the hell out of me. I can sympathize with the OP.


For the most part, same. While I stated before that it’s about having standards and then it being met, it’s really about how reasonable your standards are. I like to think mine are fairly reasonable, and though IOI have failed in a few areas where I would reasonably expect them to be able to provide, they’ve still delivered exactly the kind of content to make me happy well over 90% of the time.


I see a lot of compliments with hidden complaints inside them. Things like “I love everything about Hitman and it’s the greatest game in the universe except we need double ballers and remake the entirety of Codename 47 or your game sucks” crop up every now and then.

I think it comes from a place of enjoyment really. People like the game but they have minor nits or annoyances or they have ideas that they think would make the game better but they also have no clue how games are actually designed or produced. To just add something like a double gun wielding mechanic may not be as simple as “set this one switch from off to on”.


As the gaming industry raised the players, so they are. Today’s players want to win, not play.

At this game, those are synonyms.

I have never cared about “winning”. If the game play is engaging enough, I’m perfectly happy to lose.


The only thing i could complain about is the fact that a guy like Kevin rudd has made a sniper assassin map playable as a regular map and IOI not following suit and giving that to us already.

So they don’t technically need to make new maps when they have 4 (3 sniper maps and the vector) maps that they can convert to regular play.

Other than that, i don’t find any meaning to complain about stuff that’s already in the game.


My understanding is that the Sniper maps are still kinda a lot of work to turn into regular maps. I still think it’d be worth the effort for the Siberia map since a lot of people want a prison map. Me? I just want a snow map. Kill two birds with one stone right there.

I agree with you for the most part, however, things like bugs, unintentional things (like NPCs seeing through walls), and items needing buffs (such as the Audio Distractions for example) should be complained about.

Other than things like that, you are right - complaining about things already in the game is kinda pointless.


This i agree with and didn’t mean i accept it. Nobody wants a broken part of any game.

If 1-2 ppl can do it, an entire team that already made the game can as well.

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7DS generally got better reviews as more came out. There really wasn’t as much criticism as many like to believe there was outside of the first two released, and by that point, the people who didn’t like them weren’t going to say anything positive in the future about them. This still happens, where people shun 7DS as it was apparently “all bad”, or that “IOI were greedy” or were “all lazily made or designed” (which even Greed escapes as it’s genuinely unique as it has coin collection that the game keeps track of each level, but it is annoying in other respects, such as the difficulty of it compared to even Pride).

In particular, WildGold has a frustrating habit of dismissing all the DLC (7DS, Deluxe etc.) and then praising the free content, which is worse to do as it’s misleading, implies the paid content isn’t as good, and just ignores that both the free stuff and the DLC in general have both good points and bad. It’s a nuanced debate being steamrolled by Biases’ and wilful vilification of DLC that much of it does not deserve the vitriolic hatedom it got.

I find 7DS in particular to be one of the better DLC’s to have released, not one of the worst.

There are people out there who just thrive on Drama, and sadly, Drama tends to be more prominent on social media than positivity.