Hitman freelancer AI spawn

I wanted to try freelancer for the first time. Played around 5 hours yesterday but today something weird happened. Does the game spawn enemies near you in freelancer? I just had a mission in Sapienza one target was the Pastor and one was a researcher in the lab. Everything went well, killed the pastor with the bell, got the Keycard and went into the lab. Killed a guard for the disguise and then saw that the researcher was in the open. Shot her with my suppressed sniper and suddenly a normal guard from the villa was right next to me and clapped me. He was directly next to me when i went out of the scope. I don’t think they are even supposed to be down there lmao. I never experienced something like this in my houndreds of hours of the normal Hitman WoA trilogie. Well, now all my stuff is gone. My suppressed sniper I bought, my suppressed pistol, the rifle I picked up, a syringe and half my money lmao. Is this a bug or supposed to be happening?

I suppose you somehow summoned that guard.
Maybe shot somewhere and he heard it (the game sometimes can do weird things, like you throw a coin to distract a nearby NPC, but a different one comes from 3 floors down).
Or trespassed maybe, or something else and he chased you all the way down to the lab, there he saw you commit a crime and gunned you down

I was in my scope for a second. I was not seen a single time in the level and was very careful. I scoped in, took the shot, killed my target, scoped out and he was in my vision to the left and shot at me. I should have made a clip but i forgot it in the moment. I went through the entrance on the clif and took out silently the two guards overlooking the lab from the eleveated position in the cave. I made it through the whole villa without being seen, spoted by a camera or a body found. I know that the AI does weird things sometimes. I played the WoA trilogy for houndred of hours, but this was the first time something like this happened.

If I were to guess, the Mansion guard might’ve been dropping off a weapon he found (although the nearest door would’ve had to have been forced open). Or it was an alerted territory… Those seem to have extra guards going on some weird patrol routes. But at any rate, any time you’re aiming a weapon (just as long as it’s not towards an NPC) once you fire it - if it was witnessed - that will always initiate combat. Also, almost all sniper rifles are illegal items, even if you’re disguised as a guard.

If you can, you might change the category to ‘Freelancer’ instead of ‘Hitman 3’.

That doesnt make sense either. I did not leave a weapon anywhere in the whole level. It was not an alerted territory map. I picked up every pistol from every guard i knocked out. The only way he could have come to my postion was if he followed me through the clifside entrance with a keycard considering i did not force open any door. And i dont understand what you mean with changing it to freelancer. Freelancer is a part of Hitman 3

You got two plausible explanations and rejected both, so I’m gonna say what you’re looking to hear: It was fucking cheating, yo! :joy: :rofl:

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Another possibility… Were you by chance playing the Freelancer Variations Mod? Those have the main mission targets removed and will sometimes have the VIP bodyguards looking for their assignments, and they might happen to wander into their non-regular patroling area/s.

Thats a weirdly hostile and condescending reply even tho i aknowledged all these answers but simply gave my point of view. I don’t think im a pro at hitman, but after countless of hours in the WoA and SASO every level multiple times in different ways, i think i know when im spotted or what alerts guards. I should have made a clip because i knew some weirdos would not believe me and say i blame the game for my failure. Very weird behaviour, but what can you do.

Thanks @Tetrafish_21, i did not know how to change it. I did it now, it should be under freelancer now.


I do not know about a mod like this. I played on Xbox series X on the latest patch if that helps. My game was in quick resume tho, which sometimes caused some bugs in other games, maybe it was because of this? Although that wouldn’t be the first bug of this kind. I remember when hitman 3 was new sometimes guards would spot you through a wall. Maybe this is what happened? And i didnt notice it because i did not pay attention because i thought there is no guard near me that could spot me.

Ah. Mods can only be used on PC, so… That wasn’t the reason.

The only thing I’m wondering about is what the guard looked like. Did he have the white sleeveless (“wife-beater”) shirt, aviator sunglasses, and dark slicked-back hair? If so, there is one that patrols back and forth by that cliff-side and door going to the underground lab area.

If he looked different then no telling where he came from.

He was in a Hawaiian shirt and wifebeater. Looked like one of the guards at the villa entrance. Another thing that might have happened that one guard at the garden above the lab did hear my surpressed pistol shot which took out a guard before i got to my sniping position. Would be very random tho.

Yup the AI cheats as well, I’ve hid my weapon in the trashcan, and the enemy saw me through the wooden frame with no visible window while there were two guys in the same room in Colorado while I was doing that. Yet in Sapienza, Italy, it saw me through the door that has a some sorta “mosaic” window inside that door, hell, even I can’t see through mosaic, how the hell did the AI could ?\