Hitman: Freeloader

Figured it’d be worthwhile to document locations/guards you can obtain free weapons from.

I am maintaining a spreadsheet here with Weapon information: Hitman: Freeloader - Google Sheets

I’ll add new stuff as either I discover it, or someone here provides the details.


Mm, this is a good idea. Let me know if you should come across obtainable sniper rifles on the maps.


Mendoza: Silo sniper nest, gaucho guards point, level 5.

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Nope it’s replaced with a more inferior sniper rifle. It isn’t the Sieger

Ah right forgot to mention that. I only used the Hitmaps link in place of the woodsman hunting rifle for easier reference.

That’s fine, any sniper rifle will work to begin with.

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Eh, when it’s a showdown with the territory alerted that Sniper is not in an ideal position to acquire it. Risk vs reward, but imo the reward isn’t worth the potential risk of failing a campaign.

I got lucky and got a seiger 300 (the Colorado one) in my second supplier

I can’t play right now so could someone confirm these:

Gold shotgun: New York, do the bank robbery Easter egg

Antique Knife & Burial Dagger: New York, deposit boxes

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That one guard who patrols the backyard of Cassidy’s house in Whittleton Creek still carries a silenced SMG.


On Dubai the elite guards still carry the Shashka A33 Covert for a fairly easy-to-get silenced assault rifle

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Dubai the red guards have a shaska with a silencer

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Easy peasy, just grab the Kashmirian’s rifle (it’s been replaced by a Bartoli sniper rifle, but if any sniper rifle is fine, it’s the quickest and easiest to get). The hard part would be exiting the level with it, since AFAIK it’s illegal in all Mumbai disguises (but it’s conveniently located near the exit).


Suppliers can give a briefcase depending on if you get a big enough weapon. Take that information however you feel like it.

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Haven’t tried it yet… Is it an improvement over the beta test version?

Yate’s sniper squad’s sniper rifle is replaced by a much weaker one. And the ones from the Kashmirian and Agent Tramain are deleted.


Paris: Cicada guards carry the Fusil G2 assult rifle (Common)

Marrakesh: you can get the Shashka A33 Assault Rifle [Common] from elite guards

You can also get a Rare Saber melee from the closed-down shop and the school principal’s room.

Isle of Sgail: you can find an HX-7 SMG [Common] from normal blue guards and a HX-10 SMG [Common] from elite blue guards (the hooded ones)

Dartmoor: The Bartoli Hunting Shotgun (Common) can be found in the shotgun rack in the right main hall


There’s a Hackl 9s Covert (rare) buried in the sewers on Isle of Sgail


also in Isle of Sgail, Sapper’s Axe (lv8 glass penthouse), Mace(lv8 glass penthouse), Saber (lv6, on wall of Constant’s Office) & Katana (inside a crate). Not sure about Burial Dagger. Too bad we can’t bring home Sacrificial Knife from Easter Egg


This might already be obvious to everyone, but I obtained an Assassin’s HWK21 Covert very early in my first campaign when I killed an Assassin after screwing up. Seems to be a pretty decent silenced pistol.