『 hitman gamers community』syndicate wars

The concept of Syndicate Wars is simple, take down various targets that are part of a secure crime network; The issue?

You as a community must pick correctly which path to take, meaning each contract could drastically change whether the final kill will be a cakewalk, or if the target chooses to lock themselves in a box and throw the key away.

With each contract, the paths to the final target will thin out until you’re left with the final man: The leader.

But to get there, you need to get through the various goons that make up a network.

Picking the right target - As I’ve mentioned - is key, so thinking logically is your best bet to make thing easier.

Targets will change locations if you pick another: meaning you only have a limited time to get them when they’re the safest.

(You must be part of the HITMAN Gamers Community in order to participate in the event, PM me for an invite VIA Discord as advertising here is blatantly bad).