HITMAN GM | Fan-made storyline for Hitman game

Hello everyone!
I created fan-story for Hitman franchise and I want to share this with you. This is different story from Hitman Trilogy. There is a video with all cutscenes I created for this story - video have english subtitles. I hope you will enjoy! :slight_smile:
P.S: I’m sorry if I do something wrong with topic or anything else - I’m new here :sweat_smile:
P.S.S: Briefing of the 1st episode look worse than other briefings because I created it’s earlier.
P.S.S.S: This is not a commercial product, all rights reserved to IOI :heart:


Nice work! I can feel your efforts went into it.

Can I ask you which tool did you used to make it?

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Thank you very much! I used SFM, Garry’s mod to create video and edit it with Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas!

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