Hitman GOTY discussions and reveal of Project 007 story

Game of the Year discussion amongst YouTube video game journalists, talking about anticipation of Hitman 2022 content and also how Hitman 3 was deserving of GOTY considerations for 2021, but probably lost out because of its early year release date in 2021.

Hitman discussion between 51:09 min to 53:40 min time point

Jake Baldino discusses anticipation of Hitman new content for 2022 and believed it was in his top 10 GOTY list for 2022.

Then YongYea mentions that he doesn’t know how far IOI is along with Project 007.

51:30 Alanah Pearce retorts:

I know a fair bit about that game

She says that she didn’t sign a non-disclosure agreement, and obviously she is one of the many voice actors for Project 007 and knows a little bit from readings of the possible script.

“*I know that they have the story pretty much down [Project 007], and it sounds pretty cool and surprising and I am excited about it.

It [IOI] is such a good studio to make that game*”


Unless she goes into more detail at some other point in the video, I don’t think she saw a script and probably also does not do voice acting for the game. She’s not primarily a voice actor. Her voice acting credits that I’m aware of are more like cameos. If she was voice acting or otherwise involved in the development, she surely would have had to sign an NDA.

I’m only guessing but to me it sounds more like she knows somebody involved in the writing and was told the premise or basic story.


Could be.

Alanah Pierce is not primarily a voice actor, true but has been paid as one. She is a mainly a writer.

She says that she didn’t have to sign an NDA so whatever her connection to Project 007, she made it sound like she was told things by IOI and it was associated in a professional capacity with IOI, or she wouldn’t have mentioned the NDA.

A writer for IOI would have signed an NDA and wouldn’t reveal anything, so I can’t see how her information comes from personal connections within IOI.

Admittedly she didn’t know how IOI operates, so whatever connection that she does have comes from the periphery.

She says that she knew a fair bit about the plot of 007 though to comment, so it sounds that she had been told the overall structure of the plot, which she reveals is far along in terms of its development. So, in what capacity would IOI provide someone from outside of IOI the overall plot structure? – a voice actor or maybe she has a contract to help in writing some of the dialogue.

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NDA or not, spoiling the franchise would probably annoy more interests than just IOI. James Bond/007 isn’t IOI’s original IP, and so I doubt that anybody would want to open that can of worms.

I think a lot of people are too worried about this comment on the 007 project. What she knows or doesn’t know is really not a big deal as long as she doesn’t leak anything that isn’t supposed to be leaked, and she hasn’t given any spoilers on story or gameplay; all is good.

I for one hope she’s correct and the project is moving along.


I see nothing wrong with what she said. Good to know the project is going well. Hopefully we’ll see a bigger teaser/trailer in 2022.
I’m very, very curious about what IOI can do with a James Bond game!

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