So I just upgraded my HITMAN to HITMAN GOTY edition on epic games. I also own HITMAN 3 on epic games. But for some reason I can’t play HITMAN GOTY edition in HITMAN 3. The player guide says that I can install it at any point, since I own this content. But when I go to the Epic Games Store it asks me to buy the 30$ GOTY access pack. What should I do?

Go in the game and submit an IO acoount.

I have an IOI account on all 3 games. They are all registered.

Try to go to your Epic Library and search for HITMAN 3 there.
Near it you will see three dots, click on it and select Manage Add-ons.
In that menu you can see all the add-ons that available for you, but some of them could be deactivated.
If you can see there HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass, activate it. Or if it’s activated, deactivate and activate again. You also can try to verify game files, and just reboot Epic client or PC.
I hope something of this will help

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there isn’t a manage add-ons button. Also, right now I am running macOS, and I have restarted the epic games client several times. I checked (through GeForce NOW) if my new content (the patient zero campaign) is added. The thing is that I can’t play the game in HITMAN 3 (as it tells me to buy the access pack). The player guide mentions that if I already have the game I should be able to download the access pack (which means that I own it). If I check the HITMAN 3 add-ons, I don’t own it.

I only can assume that the problem is in macOS, because HITMAN 3 foremost is for Windows.
I also don’t know if Epic client supports macOS in the full.

I can see HITMAN 3 is grey for you like it even is not installed

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Perhaps it is, I will try it for windows later. If it still does not work, I will contact Epic directly. Thanks :slight_smile:

One more thing.
If that GOTY Access Pass says you have to buy it, add it to the cart and see if the checkout will give you a price of 0. If it will, buy it. This should do the job, been reported a few times that this procedure fixes the issue


You were right, I purchased it for free. Thank you so much :upside_down_face:

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Glad I could help.
Enjoy the game

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