Hitman GOTY vs Definitive Version

so I wanted to buy hitman 1 but what version do I get what is included in the definitive version that’s not in the GOTY and also do you have access to all the escalations, challenges packs and contracts if you just buy GOTY


can you get definitive version digital

Seems like it’s available only on disc and only for consoles

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Yep, it is indeed.

Coming exclusively to store shelves, HITMAN: Definitive Edition includes all episodes and locations from Season One plus all of the Game of the Year Edition content, including the Patient Zero campaign!

But we on PC have GOTY+Requiem Pack.
Pretty the same :slight_smile:

Yeah, the only exclusive stuff in DE is the three anniversary outfits.

Although, I recalled that not even every location is included on the disc. So if a game is purchased from a previous owner, chances are some locations will be redeemed already and become unavailable to the next owner. Be careful if you decide to purchase the game from others, @UmamiNoodles.

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In my opinion the GOTY is the best option, you pay for all the content.