Hitman HD pack talk (xb360/XB1BC

Got the Hitman hd pack on my xb360 which includes Hitman 2 (The good one from 02) and Hitman Contracts.

I noticed that EVERY cheat i found on the web regarding this port is just BS! The only thing that works is Level Select for Contracts (for some reason this code only works on PS3) And I have the OPAL version i bought of Xbox marketplace.

If anyone has played this kind-of SUSS “HD” port and knows the codes that do work, please repluy here, tho talking about this port otherwise is also OK in my book.

In the words of Eliot’s 40 year old friend “Stay, I’ll be right here”

Be good

Aren’t all cheatcodes in SA, Contracts and BM input via the console commands? Afaik theres no way to input them on Playstation or Xbox.

Actually in Contracts and SA (on ps2 mainlyk), Remember those GTA cheats you pressed some button combos while in game? well there are button combination cheats in these games except Blood money, Idk if the HD pack uses a newer engine, when saving near a door or item, pressing A to save makes the input “bleed” through to gameplay, bro, accidently retrieved a stached knife during Meat King’s party, how annoying