HITMAN HD Trilogy Digital Artbook

Hello Forum, before you begin looking at the wonderful art that came from this topic I kindly ask for your patients if some art is missing, I say this because during the transferring progress I discovered a issue with redownloading the images where the image would be broken ergo I couldn’t recover the image off the original post. I’ll be doing my best to go re discover these images as soon as possible. I hope you understand this and I will make them readily available as soon as I find said images that are missing. Thank You.


Hey Everyone, this is something I was working on for the past few days. The Hitman HD Trilogy Artbook released back in 2013 in limited quantities. Fortunately for me at the time aka a 12 year old Swang had a parent that bought me this for $44 at the local Gamestop. This has long since became one of my prized Hitman Memorabilia and my only one til date! But this thread is created for the people who never got to experience this Art-book. This is a direct copy of every page including the numerous mistakes written throughout. I hope everyone can enjoy this as much as I enjoy this art! Every Artist is represented with their respected quotes and strongly encourage you to see the rest of their work too!


Agent 47 is a fantastic character. He is deceptively simple because he is more or less a tool of clinical precision with a single purpose - to take lives. But as you dig deeper, you discover a grand complexity; his uncanny ability to take on mostly any form through disguises; his amazing talent to seamlessly blend into any environment; his ability to work with almost any tool; and his will to go to any length to get the job done.

From his inception more than a decade ago until this day, the Hitman has stayed the same yet transformed with every game. Both on a visual level, as technology allowed us to do more, as well as on a gameplay level with each new iteration of the Hitman games adding new or different features that allow users to go back and explore the world of Hitman over and over again on their own terms.

As such we’re extremely proud to see this vast range of artwork, which taps into the broad spectrum of what Agent 47 is, has been and could be. If anything, Agent 47 is a blank canvas for players to fill in with their own experiences and to see these talented artists do visually what fans have done through playing the games is wonderful.

We hope you’ll enjoy these works of art as much as we do.

Jens-Peter Kurup
Creative Director
IO Interactive


The Meat King’s Party

I love the environment of this scene; the industrial, slaughterhouse look is really disturbing. The hung carcasses reminded me immediately of Francis Bacon’s paintings, who inspired me for this interpretation of Agent 47’s encounter with the butchers at the Meat King’s Party in Contracts
-Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo

Beldingford Manor - The Pillow Kill


A lot of times in shooter’s, you see from the point of view of the main character. This time I decided to turn that around and show the POV of the victim right before Agent smothers him. I made the pillow a warm red (the color of blood) since that is the weapon of choice for 47 to take out his target. This is the last thing he will ever see!
-Brian Ewing

Mardi Gras
Blood Money

Agent 47 as a French Bulldog in the French Quarter during Mardi Gras? Yeah, for that concept you need a certain sense of humor. It’s perfect for me! I love to have a little quirkiness and whimsy in my work. I find it an interesting juxtaposition between the seriousness of the game with the comicality of a Dog Hitman. The same contract exists between the celebration of fun and life as a backdrop for violence and death. Frenchie Agent 47, even in the chaos of Mardi Gras, can pick his target out of the crowd like a dog finds a buried bone.
-Brian Rubenacker


I wanted to show that Agent 47 carries his kills with him; not haunted but imprinted on him like cold facts. I liked the idea that if you looked into his eyes and looked hard enough you could see every one of his kills, laser etched onto his soul.
-Christian Ward


I was drawn to the dark color palette, severe lines, and deep shadows of Agent 47’s face. I found his “looks” to be an excellent subject for an edgy graphic interpretation. 47 is very angular and often in deep shadow so I wanted to make my interpretation as severe as possible with dramatic black and white tones and splashes of red. As an artist, I often pick new subjects that inspire me to create interesting art and Hitman was a very cool challenge.
-Garth Glazier

A New Life
Blood Money

The theme of my illustration is reflection, I wanted to show a moment of Agent 47 pondering his deed, if for only a brief second. He may not have any emotion or sense of regret, but in my vision he pauses for a second to reflect his actions.
-Justin Hampton

Stain Removal

I have used this 'Osiris" wallpaper pattern for a while now in my personal work. Along with it’s Victorian elegance, Osiris is the Egyptian God of Death and represents the idea that we all possess a subconscious awareness of our own morality. The wallpaper fit perfectly with this classic image of Agent 47. Combined with the marker drawing and the “Stain Wash” humor, they add levity to the scene and make it a bit more unsettling.
-Hollis Brown Thornton

Nothing Personal

With my piece I wanted to capture the look of complete horror on the unsuspecting guard’s face. Juxtaposed with the panic and pain of the victim, I kept Agent 47’s face cool and collected, already looking ahead to his next kill. The red and blue hues framing the characters hopefully ass to the different emotions felt by the two at the exact moment.
-Jeff Delgado

Jacuzzi Job
Silent Assassin

The Jacuzzi Job is one of the most iconic missions in the series, , but as you are given no briefing and must work quickly and keep on your toes in a relatively small and claustrophobic area. With no slow portions, this tense theft and hit job is great to replay with different approaches, but perhaps nothing makes you feel more like a badass assassin than simply bursting through the door to Charlie’s Jacuzzi room and surprising him with a bullet to the head.
-Jeff Langevin

4 47

I wanted the illustrations to take all it’s cues from the Hitman mythology. He’s presented in shades of black and white to show his clearly defined thought process while executing targets. Even in mid-execution, I gave him no expressions; he’s done this so many times he looks like he’s shopping for groceries. I surrounded him with aspects of his life, but pushed the background artwork back so there would be no confusion that Agent 47 is the focus of the piece.
-Jeff Matsuda

Basement Killing
Silent Assassin

I wanted to emphasize the lighting of this scene while pulling the color scheme from the pizza delivery disguise. The scene is set in a dark basement lit primarily by a glowing computer screen ( not dissimilar to how a person might enjoy the game), allowing for interesting shadows and casting the victim in a greenish pallor as he is blissfully unaware of the danger lurking behind him. Clearly, too much pizza (or Agent 47) can be hazardous to your health.
-Jessie Riggle

A New Life
Blood Money

I wanted to portray the manic energy of Hitman, and to capture the character of 47 in mid-action; guns raised and blazing away, red hot smoking bullet shells flying and smoking Overhead. He is a mysterious and serious guy in my mind, so I kept his face mostly in shadow. In the background is the city of Los Angeles, and below him stretch bullet straps, rifles, spears, handguns and such. Plus, the skull with the barcode, which I think is a nice touch.
-Jim Manfood

Silent Assassin

Since my work references the iconography of video games, doing a tribute to the Hitman series was a perfect fit. I imagined what the Anathema mission might look like as an action-adventure side scroller in the 8-bit era and then created several layers to construct a narrative element. Showing Agent 47 use the golf club to kill Don Guilani also underscores the personal nature of this mission; it requires more violence and effort to kill with than a gun, and the irony of killing the Don with the object of his favorite pastime is particularly vengeful.
-Jude Buffum

A Dance With The Devil
Blood Money

One of the most entertaining aspects of the Hitman series is the variety of weapons that Agent 47 use to dispatch his targets and foes. When l was assigned the level, A Dance With The Devil, I instantly knew that I wanted to play with the golden demon mask that 47 wears and combine it with his wide arsenal. At first I played with using bullets as teeth, but felt that depicting such a wide range of weaponry spoke more to the characters skill and game.
-Justin Erickson

Welcome Home

I really wanted to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to this piece, and have a little fun with it. I loved the idea of taking the clones out of their normal environment and putting them into a more casual, “time-off duty” situation. Imagined them getting together to play poker, though never winning a hand against Agent 47, as they are failed experimental clones of the original. I tried to keep the rest of the painting pretty sparse, using the high pigment, vinyl-based Flashe paint, on a wood panel.
-Kiersten Essenpreis

Murder Of The Crows
Blood Money

Even though this is one of the more lighthearted elements of a game where you play a hired killer, I still wanted to convey a feeling of “deadly assassin” from a man in a chicken suit. In this case, 47’s eyes (and a nice, big syringe really helps) are really all you have to work with. I remember this part of the game vividly, seeing as I usually died not long after donning the big yellow suit. I’m horrendous at stealth games. Though, I did enjoy it and he was really fun to draw!
-Mike Henderson

Bjarkov Bomb

As a long time Hitman fan, I’ve always been drawn to Agent 47’s ability to be invisible in plain sight. With this piece, I wanted to capture the cold, windy feel of the Bjarkhov Bomb mission, while having an element of his signature red color to contrast the snowy haze of the scene. His face is the focus, but you never really catch details of his facial features. I very much enjoyed illustrating the personality of this mission and of 47, as he operates with the fluidity and precision within the snowy, desolate environment.
-Nathan Bailey

Death On The Mississippi
Silent Assassin

I really wanted to try a different approach with the Hitman series and create something that seemed to fit the theme rather than simply the character himself. Being assigned the “Death on the Mississippi” chapter gave me an opportunity to delve into the classic steamboat poster aesthetic which I felt gave my image a unique perspective and interesting feel. Working on this project allowed me to stretch the limits of my style and the classic look of Agent 47.
-Nick Sirotich

The Meat King’s Party

Blood Money

Requiem: What I love about Requiem is the vibe it gives off, the rays of light that shine through the room, the creepy trees scratching the glass windows, and the sense of death in the funeral home just fit the scene so well. All I remember from this mission is how intense it was, so I wanted to show it in 47’s eyes, to show the fury and give the sense of a big finale to a great game.

The Meat King’s Party: I love the sense of creepiness in this scene, I had to make the Meat King as disgusting as ever and I wanted to bring it out in his actions as well. The overall setting and colour scheme was challenging, the feeling of such a cold place like the slaughterhouse displayed with such warm colours and lights. I also wanted to keep 47 from being the focus point; I wanted to make it feel like he is in disguise so you have to look twice.
-Patrick Brown

You Better Watch Out
Blood Money

Having had exposure to the Hitman series, I’ve always held the art direction of the games with alot of awe and respect. The stunning visuals are complemented by the solid color palette, genuinely highlighted by the occasional flashes of emotive color saturation. The brilliant art direction very much gives Hitman it’s own unique feel that I’ve tried to evoke in the piece I produced. The cerebral gameplay I encountered with the franchise never lacked for excitement and energy and I also tried to infuse that feeling into the work as well.
-Pop Mhan

Beddingform Manor

It is the moment of calm right before the storm, not the storm itself, that I find most interesting: an instant frozen in time that the volume of life turns to a whisper, and tension hangs in the air like fog. Metaphorically, the balance between this delicate, ominous moment plays itself out repeatedly in my work, and in the case of 47, plays out repeatedly as his victims unknowingly cease to exist. It was my goal to capture this instant on the canvas, giving it the same surreal gravity that would be felt between a professional killer and victim.
-Tony Dimauro

The Lee Hong Assassination

The bustling city is the antithesis of the character. He moves unseen and unheard. I wanted to show this contradiction of Agent 47’s stillness - and the violence he undertakes - by surrounding him in the vibrancy and movement for which Hong Kong is so well known, After all, should you enjoy a visit from him, everything stops.
-Christian Ward

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I love this… In my country I could only get the trilogy without the book. Shame…


same here, really pissed me off.


I got the artbook recently, but I prefer digital, so thanks for it!


I was lucky enough to get the book version, I also got the regular version.

That said as much I like the idea behind the art book, I prefer concept art. I find it a lot more engaging, since it gives a look into the ideas that goes into the concept phase and you can trace ideas from their inception to the final product.


I’d really like a WoA art book down the line.

Aren’t we getting one with the Deluxe Edition?

but its digital? i think

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Yes but he never said it had to be a physical one.

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oh come on. When you hear “Book” you dont think of a Folder of JPEGs.


It’s a digital book that I’m assuming has art and developer notes. We really don’t know what’s in it and how much of it is concept art.

I’d prefer a physical one possibly released by Dark Horse similar to what was done with Phantom Pain

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Maybe if you are 80 but the future is now old man.

I’m planning to get it printed in high quality and creating a physical book myself. I will never look at it more then once if it’s digital.

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What if they wind up releasing a physical version down the line?

Well then I will buy it, but I doubt that in today’s marked

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The next thing will be a VR version. Eyes ahead guys.

Great post, very well done :pray:

I was about to say I will eventually find the digital book online and then I remember I actually preorder that with the Deluxe edition :joy:


Excellent post @Swangtheugly I do remember getting the physical version of this also, PS3 it was at the time!

Was a digital copy included within the physical version as well?

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For the HD Trilogy? No. It was exclusive to select regions and physical only. With that being said that’s why I created this thread back on the old forum cause not everyone has seen these.

So go ahead download them make them a background or make posters out of them. All I ask is people don’t claim them as their own and look into the Various Creators other pieces if you feel inclined to do so. :slight_smile:

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