Hitman homage in the latest Fincher film "The Killer" on Netflix?

I recently watched the latest Fincher movie “The Killer” on Netflix. I noticed a suit worn by the protagonist that looks strikingly similar to the “Summer Suave Suit” from Hitman 2. But judge for yourself:


By the way, this film is a must see! I enjoyed it a lot.


Look, I like the movie too, but y’all are seeing things.

The hat in Hitman is not a bucket hat, it’s a fedora. Completely different, and even the color looks more yellow than tan, though the lighting makes it hard to tell.

He’s not wearing a watch, and he’s also not wearing their sunglasses, which are also a different make/ brand.

The only large-scale item of clothing that is similar is the shirt, but I get the sense they went with “tourist shirt with flowers on it”, rather than it being a specific reference to Hitman. It’s a very common trope after all, and tourist clothes are certainly not unique to Hitman.

It’s also a different cut of shirt too (note the collar width’s); 47 shirt is tight and fits his body; the Killers is hanging out and looks less professional, which is intentional in their part; as I recall, the entire getup is based on some tourists he met when in a country so he comes off as non-descript as possible.

By your logic, 47’s Summer Suave suit is in reference to the Color of Magic as they wear similar getups, when again, they’re not all that similar. Same function, similar designs and clothing slots, but not the same because the clothing and designs are by-and-large too disparate from one another, not to count as an homage. Ergo, not proof that one work is homaging another.

If you wanna look for references, consider the Arkian Tuxedo:

Now this is in reference to Eyes Wide Shut, the mask is very clearly more than a little inspired by the unique butterfly-esque mask Bill(?) wears in that film. In fact, most of the masks on Sgail are patterned, or at the very least, heavily inspired by, what you see in the film. The film has a distinct style and theme that IO is copying; subtle enough for those in the know, but not enough to call attention to it. That’s what makes an effective Homage; distinct elements being translated from one work to another.

By comparison, the Killers’s getup is not unique, nor is it really all that notable. It’s non-descript cheap tourist clothes chosen deliberately to throw pursuers off. 47’s getup meanwhile shows he means business and doesn’t really have the same fashion connotations.

47 is James Bond in-game; he likes what he wears and wants everyone to know it. The Killer, from what we see, is actually trying to be covert.

TLDR; Not everything is a reference, homage, or wink to another franchise.

Also, I wrote my thoughts on The Killer here, if you’re at all interested @Franky.K


Watching this now. So far so good!! Really reminds me of hitman.

They wouldn’t want to copy the look 1 to 1 because that’d be kinda cringe, especially for those who know.

I’d think there’s a possibility they’re referencing the Summer Suave Suit. The only way to know is to ask (whoever) from the show why there are subtle similarities. It’s not impossible that it could be a coincidence.

If I had seen this scene, I’d be wondering too. :+1:

In regards to Isle of Sgail… I’ve said before that it was referencing Eyes Wide Shut without the unclothed wrestling battle royale. Because that was done in the Meat King Party and we certainly aren’t going back to such raw/gritty depictions of lasciviousness.

Which, I’m sure, had they the cajones to ‘Go There’ it would’ve taken place in the dungeon area. But that’s not on-topic.

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I really doubt it, and I think the influence from Hitman doesn’t run that deep. I can certainly see the resemblances of Hitman in the other aspects of the film. The planning and travel montages, the preference for accident kills, I can even see why people think the whole social engineering is Hitman-inspired. But tourist clothes being in reference to the Summer Suave suit? Yeah, that’s a bit more out there.

It is very likely a coincidence. As I said, garish tourist-ey clothes is a very common trope, which isn’t really enough to link it to Hitman specifically. Lots of films and TV do this because it is funny laughing at foreigners in silly outfits.

As a person who did see this scene, I thought nothing much of it in relation to Hitman. If anything, it reminded me more of the tourist from a Hat in Time, and he does bugger all most of the time. I apologise for the worst image in the world:


So if the get-up is making me think of a cartoon-ey game over Hitman (and i’m reasonably sure it’s going to make people think of other characters wearing similar outfits too), one suspects it’s not deliberate, and y’all are just seeing things. It’s called Apophenia; seeing patterns where none exist.

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The colors and styles are close, but not 100% alike. It’s just noticing that they’re similar. It REMINDS you of another thing regardless of their association.

Let’s take these statements…

  1. “They’re definitely referencing Hitman.” = Probably. It can’t be proven or disproven.
  2. “They might be referencing Hitman.” = Likely, but can’t be proven.
  3. “They’re definitely not referencing Hitman.” = Not likely, but can’t be disproven.

I first composed this post using things like “False, True, or Not False, Not True, or Not Given…” for the above examples, but decided to keep it simple.

I agree with #2. Not saying they definitely are or aren’t. It’d be cool if they were, but I’m not going to lose any sleep if they aren’t.

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Why is the inverse not true? You see it as that guy who’s wearing a different color shirt & a completely different hat, and multiple other people see it as the suit with the similarly colored hat & shirt.

“If the get-up is making most people who have posted in this thread so far think of the suit from Hitman, one suspects it’s deliberate” seems to hold just as much weight to me. Maybe more, since it’s accounting for more than just your own opinion.

Why is the inverse not true? You see it as that guy who’s wearing a different color shirt & a completely different hat, and multiple other people see it as the suit with the similarly colored hat & shirt.

Because, as I said, people are seeing patterns where there are none. Third time I’ve said this now, not gonna say it again.

But there’s no evidence to prove that this is the case, and mountains of evidence from pop-culture and general tropes of “tourists looking silly” to confirm my thoughts, if not correct, more justified for me to believe.

My opinion is based on fairly easy-to-follow deductive reasoning with some creators’ logic behind it, which I went out of my way to explain. I even gave a template as to what developers and filmmakers tend to do when they want to Homage something in their productions; they make it obvious and recognisable to someone. Specificity and iconography are the key here. Baggy clothes any tourist in any TV show or film wears is not that specific to any one franchise or production. And while the getup is iconic, it’s well-known because it’s constantly used in said shows and films, and thus, too generic to be any kind of specific reference.

Hence my immediate comparison to the tourist guy from Hatty time because it could just as much be a reference to that than anything else. Of course it isn’t, but I could make the fallacious case for it if I wanted to. That trail of logic runs out of steam pretty quickly.

I wouldn’t say it’s a homage, but it could be either inspired by the HITMAN trilogy, or just a fun coincidence.

The intro alone is very similar to Hitman, with the crowbar, the fiber wire, the poison syringe, a hairdryer in a bathtub, a sniper, all with black gloves, and the typeface used in each chapter’s intro is similar to HITMAN (2016)'s airport-like Helvetica/Coolvetica font:

Nonetheless, it’s a really killer movie, I do wish there were more movies like this.


or just a fun coincidence.

The latter.

and the typeface used in each chapter’s intro is similar to HITMAN (2016)'s airport-like Helvetica/Coolvetica font:

I thought this too, until I looked into it and…yeah. It’s just some kind of generic font. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s also a preinstalled adobe set like WoA’s. For reference, Hitman WOA uses Noto Sans in several places. Inspired by Hitman? Sure, I can see that. Probably not a homage though.

with the crowbar, the fiber wire, the poison syringe, a hairdryer in a bathtub, a sniper, all with black gloves,

…all very common assassination methods and weapons. Also, this strangely reminds me of that looping background video in Absolutions’ menu where 47 beats up dudes while Diana showers.

Nonetheless, it’s a really killer movie, I do wish there were more movies like this.

Same. Though hopefully ones get made that are better paced and with a stronger grasp on storytelling than this one. I appreciate the pun though =) (see, I’m not entirely without humour!)

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Thank you for explaining how simple references work. You are clearly very passionate about tourist clothes, to have written so many paragraphs. I will defer to your expertise in floral shirts and fedoras.


Homage or Coinkydink? :thinking:

Edit: Time to REACH! for some Heisenberg levels of deniability a’la "Last Christmas by Wham is NOT a Christmas Song!"

Chip’s jacket has the white fluffy collar, and his fedora is a lighter brown, and he doesn’t carry around a bull-whip let alone a revolver - therefor any comparisons drawn to the character of Indiana Jones are silly and wishful thinking. Anyone thinking these are remotely similar is delusional.

Dale’s Hawaiian shirt could be worn by any other fictional character. It’s a goddamned trope for christ’s sake! Does Dale have a moustache or drive a Ferrari? I didn’t think so.

And if you’re about to say that TC = Monterey Jack because he’s a pilot, or that Rick = Zipper because he’s short/small… Pfft. More poppycock!


Just having fun. Please take no offense. :partying_face:

Never saw this trailer. Thank you, really lots of similarities to Hitman.

Not a sentence I expected to read today.

i’ve not seen it but is it maybe more of a case of hitman and the killer drawing from the same pool of tropes?

Pretty much this.

20 characters that the killer needs to assassinate

If you can’t see the similarities, “then this work is not for you.”