Hitman HQ - Memories

Fair warning: This post will read like the ramblings of an old man. I’m not an old man, or at least not old enough to indulge in this kind of activity, but I feel compelled to do so anyway. I’ll try to put the interesting bit in the beginning, but I will highly likely outstay my welcome and/or your interest. Thank you in advance to those who will choose to bear with me anyway.

I want to talk to you about a place that existed a long time ago. HitmanHQ. We called it HHQ. In a way, it still exists today, or at least its ruins. You can take in the sights here: http://hitmanhq.com/. This is the interesting bit for the more nostalgic fans, which is why I’m putting this in the most nostalgic section of this forum. The front page is a treasure trove of fan made material, ranging from comic books, walkthroughs, movie scripts and funny screenshots, forgotten in the ages. Unfortunately, you will also encounter some 404-errors. It cannot be helped. The news page is not up to date either, I must admit. The first, careful announcement of a new Hitman game that will take 47 stateside is the most recent bit of news you will find, along with a promise that more news, along with a redesigned HHQ messageboard, will follow soon. Halas, it was not to be.

Its old. It’s not very important. But somehow it felt wrong to not even mention this place here. To pretend it never existed. And who knows, maybe there’s a cautionary tale in what follows next.

Fair warning 2: Here is where the rambling starts.

HHQ was my first home on the Internet, maybe a bit like how Hitmanforum now feels for many of you. I registered to their forums, because I couldn’t comprehend why I couldn’t climb the ladders in Kowloon Triads in Gang War even though they were marked on the map, and why I couldn’t hide the Red Dragon negotiator’s body in those big yellow dumpsters (I know, I was ahead of my time) instead of having to drag him to an open sewer. I simply had to have answers. I picked the nickname “Franz”, because that Budapest villain looked quite cool and intense in the manual. I hadn’t reached the level in the game when registering yet, so little did I know about how he would be portrayed in the mission itself. But I stuck to it. The forum, at first, didn’t allow for personally uploaded avatars, but there was a set you could choose from. There were Tzun, Lee Hong, a Red Dragon guard, but no Franz. In the end, I settled for a miniature Dr. Kovacs. I had no idea who that was yet either, but he looked close enough to being a Franz.

What I discovered beyond the answers and avatars was a beautiful community of bright, funny, welcoming people. I joined around 2001, so the forum already existed for a bit and the community already got quite close. The fanbase of the franchise, which back then only consisted of the one game and vague rumours of a second one coming up, already grew into a quite closely knit community. We discussed games, of course, but also movies, culture, life in general. Much of it went over my head back then, I was pretty young, and just trying to keep up with the residents’ wit. There were no heart-buttons under each post, but whenever I got a image from one of those brilliant people it felt like I had the world at my feet.

Anyway, the years went on, we mainly discussed off-topic silliness in an ever-growing topic called “Religion - Can there really be a God?”, Silent Assassin came, and with it, a growing interest in the franchise. By that time the moderators had gone, either for personal reasons or just a general lack of time. The community became a bit more elitist. New users were greeted with jokes instead of answers, because the old users, not least myself, were mainly looking for another one of those blue grins. It was fun, but it couldn’t last.

At some point, the announcement on the forum came of a new place in e-town. Hitmanforum. Could have been ampburner himself who posted a message about it, perhaps it was Hitbert or Mindhunter. In any case, the people at HHQ found it laughable that another community of Hitman should come into existence. War was promptly declared.

I registered at Hitmanforum to fight that war. I was Hitmanforum’s 70th member at its first iteration. Hitmanforum followed the same formula as HimanHQ: it had a front page to collect news and to highlight fan made material. I registered, but I had no intention to stay. It was a place full of goody-two-shoes, with rules and stuff. I insulted people , and just spread the good word that HHQ was better. I got banned, once or twice, but slowly I wanted to become more sneaky about it. Befriend the enemy, get in some actual talk about Hitman, and then strike. But I never struck, because there was simply no strike to be had, and because I grew a bit older and a bit more mature, and in the end I just really wanted to discuss Hitman. I just kept hanging around. I stayed active in both HHQ and Hitmanforum, when Hitman Contracts came out. But HHQ was steadily dwindling in activity, in users, while HMF’s was steadily growing. By the time Blood Money came out, HHQ was dead. The HHQ forums still remained active for a while, but activity was restricted to three or four topics, like an old castle where only two rooms are kept warm. Three years ago I posted a message there, thinking it was a cry into the void, but it got two replies. But now the forum is really gone, not even archived.

Anyway, with HHQ having its near-death experience I became more active on Hitmanforum. I never did anything much memorable. I had a cute “signature”, we still had those back in the day, which was basically the picture of a baby mountain goat, with my nickname written next to it. And even back then, when people were creating custom missions for Blood Money, I kept raving on about Hitman Codename 47, creating custom missions for that game instead.

I don’t have all that much recollection of those HMF years, strangely enough. I vaguely remember Jardel, now @wincenworks, sporting an avatar of a longhaired comic book character with a bandana who looked pretty tough. I definitely remember him having a distinct debating style, to which he stays true to this day. There was a guy called himself Id. He posted a lot of selfies on the forum, I think he might have invented the selfie-concept considering the time he was doing it, but it’s fair to say he was a very pretty boy. There was a Black Cerberus. dark made amazing custom contracts and was a wizard in MS paint. He did stuff with that programme that a lot of people couldn’t even pull off in Photoshop. He made me a nice set of Tetris avatar and signature. I want to say a Recluse, too? After a while I stopped coming to the forums, with no clear and definite reason, but quietly enough for very few people to actually remember me going, or actually remeber me ever having been there in the first place.

Oh well, not many people to share this with now. I saw @Krelian recently said hello in the introduction post. Maybe he’ll share memories. I tagged wincenworks but I don’t know him to be the nostalgic one. I’m glad to see @Agent_17 is still registered. Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into an old-boy-club either. Like I said, just ramblings.

In the end, the war between HHQ and HMF was pretty much over before it began. Hitmanforum bloomed, and thanks to @ampburner, wincenworks, a thoughtfully designed set of rules, a motivated group of moderators, the ever growing community, and the continued commitment of IOI to keep creating games in the franchise, this place, bright and shiny and new, looks like it will survive for years to come. Maybe decades. Maybe more. I like to think Hitmanforum is my home on the internet now. But it wouldn’t feel right without at least mentioning the place where it all started for me: Hitman HQ. Where the shots never really were called daily.

I’ll close with a shout-out to some of the HHQ-crew: DTRY, who replied to my very first forum post, NeXuS, who was my rolemodel and sent me “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” in the mail, Wretch, who also came to Hitmanforum and was as witty as he seemed wretched, know your enemy, who was always an enigma to me, Jan0s and Saepe, fellow Belgians, Alia Nexis, first forum girl, Geezer and Disco Cat, wise and gentle men. I forget many, but no matter. I doubt they’ll read it anyway.


Reading about Hitman history feels like you’re going to the bottom of the ocean, terrifying and exciting at the same time.

Thanks for sharing.


Reading this reminds me of when I tell people about my early days on Roblox back in the late 2000’s. Simple, fun, tame. Be who you want and create what you want.

Now it’s just shitty sound cloud rapper inspired eboy/egirls blasting their music over in game portable radios.

Yes I play/played Roblox and occasionally log into my old account and update it every so often just to keep it “active”

I played a lot of online based games when I was younger, but now I usually play a lot of single player experiences. :slight_smile:


That reminds me a lot of my experience with this place. I think I joined up in 2002? I lurked for a long time before the off-topic community finally drew me in. Made a lot of friends, picked up some cool hobbies, talked religion and politics, until eventually life caught up with me and i didn’t have time to post. I vaguely remember the rivalry with HHQ - I joined at one point to see what the fuss was about, but I ended up getting along and sticking around there for a while. I think the daily activity was already on the downswing by the time i registered though.


:laughing: funny because it’s true


Oh man I played Roblox a lot in the late 2000s too. Recently jumped back in to flex on the new players with my veterens medal and cool hats that are no longer available to get. Back in our day we didn’t need premium for robux and could save up our daily tickets for stuff we wanted. Now tickets are gone and now robux come with premium or paying for them with real money only :frowning:

I love muliplayer games for their community and still play one regularly which is Team Fortress 2 (Which I also started playing in the late 2000s). It’s all about the people playing with you even in single player games. It’s great to interact with other players and that’s what forums like our’s here is for after all.

Oh yeah, I certainly recall Hitman HQ from the good old days. Think it used to be around back around 2004-2007? Back when I most visited Hitmanforum (before now that is). Used to write some pretty terrible Hitman fanfic back in those days, as well as some other stuff… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiley:


Little did they know like 13 years later IOI would look at ugly gold lettering that didn’t fit the tone and use it to release the GOTY edition of HITMAN.

I just registered to say that I’m glad someone is talking about HHQ. I spent a little time there, very little compared to all of you guys but very meaningful nonetheless, I don’t even know if I joined because of the game, my memory of the time is a little foggy, I just know that I stayed for the people posting and commenting on random stuff unrelated to the game at all. I discovered HHQ at a very troublesome point in my life and it helped me bounce back up and it’s a shame I had to leave. I often think about the lot of you so throw your doubts away, I’m sure they’ll find this post one day too.


Also, Nexus sent me “lock, stock and two smoking barrels” as well, along with “This is Final Tap”. The dude is a fellow countryman who I looked up to immensily.

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So good of you to drop in! Feels like my message in a bottle was found :slight_smile:
I’m trying to remember another HHQ member from Portugal but my memory is failing me. I’m quite curious to know what your nickname was back then, as your current one doesn’t ring any bells.
It seems NeXuS sure loved to spread the joy that is that movie :smiley: I sent him my copy of Fallout Tactics as a thank you, also because I couldn’t make much sense of that game anyway at the time.


It may be dead, BUT I STILL LIVE!

Also I still haven’t finished the comic.


So good to hear! :slight_smile:

Please take your time. No point in rushing a work of art.


I got nostalgic and googled HHQ, very sad to see its gone and the archive isn’t very functional :frowning:
I’m glad there are still people around that remember our weird forum.

Btw, I made the last post in the “Religion - How Can there be a god?” thread before it was archived which means I’m now the mod and the forum is now about geese and why they are the best animal.


This whole post takes me back, like wow what can I say?.. I remember HHQ very well and I’m surprised that its still up after all these years! (decided to look it up today actually) I’m happy to say the least that its still there. Really makes me feel quite nostalgic about those times when I first started getting into playing Hitman. I remember playing the hell out of the second game and was thrilled about Contracts when it came out. After playing Contracts, I was really curious about the first game so eventually I found a copy.

I probably found HHQ I wanna say around 2003-04 and perused the site frequently as member ‘Prof. Ort-Meyer’. Eventually I found HMF and went under the same moniker until changing it to ‘Dr. Ort-Meyer’. Years went by and life happened and I didn’t log on as much. Recently coming back and seeing all the changes to the forum had left me with the feeling that I had been frozen for forty years. I even tried logging in with my old credentials to no avail so I used my discord to instead.

Seeing all the names some of the mods, members, and admins really brings me back. Glad to see that the forum is still running strong after all these years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Cheers.


The HHQ homepage cannot die, as long as there are daily shots to call. We just have to wait for Tech21 to upload them. All sixteen years’ worth. Who knows… Maybe he’s had chance to work out whether there’s a God, and they can finally close that thread.

(Hello Franz! Sorry I’m late.)


Whoa! Geezer!!!
Cheers for dropping in. You just made my day image
So glad to see, as far as I can judge from your message, that you’re well! And that you did not forget either :slight_smile:

Makes me wonder which other members will spring up from the Nostalgia Fountain.

Maybe enough to…

amass an army? :thinking:


Armies rely on their discipline, so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope of achieving any actual objectives. Just a bunch of ageing anarchists picking up and moving rubber ducks around, and occasionally shouting ‘ENIAC alarm!’ while unloading miniguns into trees to see how many damage decals persist.

Damn you, Nostalgia Fountain. You promised me conquest!