[Hitman III] Devs react to Speedruns (IGN)

Absolutely incredible speedruns by GoronSchmoron and Frote7 through Hitman 3 content.

The commentary from the four game and level designers from IOI are so funny. Watch the whole thing.

IOI are honored that the speed runners would spend the hundreds of hours to perfect a run. Later on comments of how Frote7 is so smooth, making the “guards look kinda daft”. They are often amazed, awestruck and befuddled at how the speedrunners worked around the AI.

It starts out with Dubai. Say the Devs:

This one is crazy. Six seconds. I barely saw what happened. That level took like a year to make. …and … it is done! At least he used the guns that I made.


I don’t think this deserves a separate thread, especially since it’s already been posted

I think it does, especially since it doesn’t really qualify as a “HITMAN 3 Announcement”.