Hitman Leaving on Xbox GamePass


For those that have Xbox Game Pass.

Hitman is leaving on January 31.

You will need to outright own the game from Xbox via the Microsoft store.

Just a heads up.


Makes sense. After two years on the service, its not going to be drawing in the number of players it once was for MS to be able to justify the money they’re paying IO to have it on there.

I can’t think of a reason this decision might have been IO-driven.


What’s weird is I bought the game outright years ago, but got a new gamer laptop which included a 3 month game pass.

So I signed up, and noticed when I play Hitman immediately after it starts, game pass icon appears and it does a quick resume.

Basically takes you back to your last save.

I’m guessing this feature will be removed.

Quick resume is just an Xbox feature for newer games, it will still be there when the game leaves game pass.

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