Hitman legacy pack on Xbox


I have Hitman 3 on the Xbox. I also own Hitman 1 but I can not access the locations in HM3.

I have tried installing the free Hitman Legacy Pack from the Xbox store as per the instructions in Hitman 1 but the store states that the Legacy Pack is currently not available. What can I do about this?

You need to download HITMAN 2 Starter Pack first. There you can import your Legacy maps from HITMAN 1 and with that you can import your HITMAN 1 maps to HITMAN 3.

See this for more info:


Search for the Hitman 1 all access pass in the microsoft store on a device other than your console and you will find you can install it remotely to your console. Just gone through the same issue but idiotically uninstalled all 3 games from my console in a fit of desperation before discovering this solution.

180gb to go…

Edit not 180 gb redownloading the previous games is not necesary. Excellent stuff IO.

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Great stuff. I think, on your advise, that I may have resolved the problem. Thank you. Enjoy your Hitman gaming and glad your download was not too big.

Glad to help out. I hope this helps anyone else with the same issue.

It didn’t work for me last night. I’ll try again tonight. When I went in through my phone somehow Microsoft doesn’t recognize my Xbox yet they have the serial number and system listed. :man_shrugging:

  • Xbox players are unable to access/download the HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass, despite being eligible.
    Status : FIXED. Together with MS, we’ve fixed this issue. The GOTY Access Pass will be automatically applied to Xbox players who meet the requirements. Look for it in your H3 Add-ons. Try restarting your console if you don’t see it. As an alternative, try to install/claim this specific Access Pass on the web store and install it to your console.

Despite this saying it has been fixed I am unable to get access to Hitman 1 GOTY

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Thank you. Now working. So looking forward to playing all games in sequence. :+1::green_heart:


I’m in! On Tuesday was unable to do this. Didn’t touch Xbox until just now and when I turned on Hitman 3 all missions from 1 are there. I didn’t even have to get access. Weird I guess it just took time and happened in the background! Idk


Apologies to bump the topic but do you get the main missions from HITMAN 2 as well? I have the pass and it says “Hitman 2 Expansion Pass” but I’m unable to access the second game’s main missions (and frankly, I don’t want to play through A Bitter Pill to get my Whittleton Creek Fix)

@Yoko Seen your post on the main issues forum, but I couldn’t post a reply there due to forum rules… (3 replies a thread for new users, what!!!) Anyway…

It sounds like only half of the H2 Access pack elements have downloaded correctly, its split into two parts (Standard and Expansion). In the store page for the H2 Access pass, if you click on Manage, does it show anything to install, or if both parts are installed? If it shows one part still needs installing (the Standard part), do that.

If it shows nothing waiting to be installed, but one part is installed (the Expansion part), go back out to the dashboard. Press Y to enter Search, search for the Access pack, and try installing that way. This is how I got my Hitman 1 access pack working. You may have to remove the already installed part of the Access pack first before either of these work. Fingers crossed it works!

EDIT: I downloaded it from HITMAN 2 and it worked! Thank you!


I have the same problem. Legacy Pack is ‘not currently available’ and I can’t find anything helpful on Xbox Store.
What to do next? How to contact official IOI support?

I have contacted IOI support with this same issue, via this link. I’ll post if they provide a solution

Here’s what they suggested, I’ll update if it works:

Please make sure that you have played & completed both H1 & H2 prologue and then try again to claim the Legacy Pack by following the guide.

If the issue persists, please follow these steps too:

  1. Please make sure you have an IOI Account and your Xbox account linked to it
  2. Perform a cache clear on your console.
  3. Check again if you can claim it on the H1 in-game store
  4. If not, check if you can find it on H2 in-game store
  5. Search H2 Free Starter Pack on the Xbox Store and make sure it is registered on your account and you own it(Not installed) as the Legacy Pack guide instructs
  6. If this persists, uninstall both games and install them on the same storage (internal storage preferably), so the system can identify you own them properly and grant you the Legacy Pack.