Hitman Memorabilia Collection

I thought it was about time to redo my Hitman collection thread, also if you got some awesome memorabilia upload it here as well.

That said it’s been a while since I really added anything to the collection, the majority of the reason to why is that some of the items released I don’t really like.

He had an accident.



And the best for last my crown piece, also I promised @MrOchoa these pictures.

Front side.

Flip cover.

Back side.

Box content. Also for some reason this C47 got an odd circus theme in the main menu.


very cool collection Mads, but i NEED to know the Story behind the “Emergency Door System” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you, been collecting well since around I was 18 :slight_smile:

Well it was one my play sessions back when I play tested Hitman games. I was about to leave and travel home, @Travis_IOI walked me out to the lobby, where he and I said our “goodbyes” or so he thought. The building had a double door and you had to be buzzed in before entering the lobby.

So I was about to leave and pressed the door button as I done many times before, however that day for some unknown reason I pressed the Big Red Button with the text “do not press”. Which resulted in me locking the hole building down and everyone was stuck inside with me, well not everyone to be exact, there where two guys outside smoking.

I recall correctly no one had any idea what to actually do, since it was a first. This is how I got to stay at IO for 15 min extra, while they tried to reopen the building.