Hitman Mission Championship - The Aftermath

It has ended. So many arguments. So many alliances, so many deals, so many backstabbings. But the Hitman Mission Championship has ended, with The Finish Line winning the show. This is thread is to serve as a reflection, a monument, as well as some neat facts about how this whole thing went down.


Previous Rounds:
HMC - Heat C47
HMC - Heat 2SA
HMC - Heat CON
HMC - Heat BMY
HMC - Heat ABS
HMC - Heat WOA
HMC - Heat TDY
HMC - Heat III
HMC - Quarter-Final Orange
HMC - Quarter-Final Pink
HMC - Quarter-Final Brown
HMC - Quarter-Final Purple
HMC - Semi-Final Green
HMC - Semi-Final Blue
HMC - The Golden Finale :crown:


@eydontactdumb has given us some very interesting facts about how the final round went down.


Man this was great fun.

I am content with the winner of the contest, but it’s a matter of fact that Miami breezed through simply because everyone else focused on the other big names. Still would have preferred WoT but perhaps it has already been at the top of too many best level lists so it isn’t a huge shame.

I tried to ally with people a few times to preserve levels I thought were at least deserving of a Top 10 spot but of course failed each time. The ANL Coalition failed in its goal due to some people’s misaligned tastes but it was a good fight regardless. After that I allied to preserve Traditions of the Trade, and that failed aswell. Finally, I allied to save my darling Beldingford but we, as expected, failed in our endeavour. I will not ally again.

Funny how there weren’t that many people participating in this game so you can’t really say the results reflect the general opinion of the fanbase and when you add in the fact that some people downvoted old levels purely because they are old/never played them and vice versa you get a really murky situation. This is of course isn’t really relevant when you consider that this was all for fun and not meant to actually decide the best mission in the series.

All in all, had great fun and looking forward to whenever something similar comes up.

P.S If you ever downvoted ANL, TotT, or Beldingford I am still mad at you.