Hitman multilayer online

Hi I’m new to hitman on the xbox1
I played it years ago on the ps2
Was woundering if there is a way for me and a friend to play together online on seperate consoles and whether it is worth it or not any a dive would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: tia

As I know the multiplayer was previously in Hitman 2,but the developers have removed it from the inactivity. Now you can only through a mod, and I do not know whether it is possible to activate on Xbox One


Mods are not availble outside PC world.

And yes, the multiplayer existed in HITMAN 2 while back and was called Ghost Mode.
But developers scapped it down before HITMAN 3 release, and now it’s a history.
Though hopes of its revival still won’t let me go.
It was a great thing and I enjoyed it big time


Same case here mate, Xbox has no multiplayer


What’s the best hitman to buy then for the xbox 1

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Well on the 26th you can get the Hitman world of assassination game (Hitman 3) and get all of the Hitman trilogy games (Hitman 1 & Hitman 2) for only about £60-70 which is better than buying them all separately before the 26th

Edit: If you only want Multiplayer (no judge) then buy Hitman 2 like now! Before the 26th

Edit 2: :arrow_down:


The only “multiplayer” that has not been shut down for the Hitman series on Xbox platforms is the Sniper Assassin Co-Op Missions in Hitman 2 (Himmelstein, Hantu Port, and Siberia).

The game is getting delisted on January 26, 2023, so if you guys want some kind of multiplayer to play together, hurry up and get the Hitman 2 Gold Edition.


From the store, but it will remain as it is for those who own it.
So one could be able to return to HITMAN 2016 or HITMAN 2 standalone games at any time as at this very moment.
But new players couldn’t lay their hands on those standalone games any more



This is the answer you’re looking for :+1:t2:

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