Hitman Novels in Audiobook Format

Has anyone read the Hitman novels? i.e: Hitman: Enemy Within, and Hitman: Damnation? (DO NOT read Hitman: Reborn. I don’t know what that book is, but is absolutely awful).

Anyway, I bring this up as I’d love to have an audiobook rendition voiced by David Bateson. I’m a big lover of audiobooks, and having 47 himself voice the books would be incredible.

IOI, if you’re reading this, do what you can, pretty please?

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That would be a great idea. It might be something we’d need to pester the publisher about.

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Absolutely. I have no idea who owns publishing rights, or how that affects Audible etc. I know nothing of the respective industries, its purely a fantasy that doesn’t seem out with the bounds of possibility.

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No, I’m referring to this book, which I was thrilled to discover on Kindle, only to feel utter embarrassment when I started reading it. I have no idea what this book is or how it came to be. It reads like a fan fiction. A bad one.


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It is fan-fiction. It’s not official by any means.


Del Rey still publishes both, according to Amazon. Contacting them or their parent company, Penguin Random House, might be an idea.

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I read both books and still have them. That said they are nothing special, they ain’t bad per say. I don’t plan to reread them. I would say that Damnation is the better of the two.


I agree that damnation is slightly better, since its a prequel to absolution and feels more significant. Its definitely the better half of the absolution story :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Nothing against William C. Dietz, but I do think Raymond Benson—being a Bond writer—was a better fit for writing a Hitman novel.

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