Hitman on a New Sony OLED

Not sure if anyone has had dots on a tv but my 2 Samsungs about 6 years old have them.

I got 2 Sony TVs. First Sony I ever owned and so far very impressed.

I’m actually playing Sony PS5 on a Sony TV.

Very good graphics, got a Ultimate HDMI cable that can handle 8-10K


How much is Sony paying you for this advertisement? :joy:

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They pay to advertise, darn i could have made money

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What tv is it? Size? Price? I’m looking for a new tv for my ps4 (and eventual ps5 soon).
How the input lag? Is it smooth? Any ghosting?

Ghost mode is dead and never coming back.

….I guess that was a joke…… lol

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Sony XR- 55A90J and XR- 48A90K

Basically a 55 and 48 inch tv.

I don’t know what ghosting is, I’m just glad no more dot’s from the old tv.

Tv runs great.

I basically dropped 4,000 on the Best Buy Visa card split for 2 years 0 % interest , which is 165 monthly. I’ll have it paid by April.

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