HITMAN - Reminiscence (Cinematic Video)

I had a lot of fun making this project and would appreciate if you’d check it out! I wanted to go for a kind of ‘trip down memory lane’ feel with it, done in a cinematic format.


Nice work!!

What tool(s) do you use to allow you to capture footage while moving the camera around at the same time?

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Thanks man! I really appreciate it.

I used two tools.

The Freecam mod that comes with the ZHMModSDK (GitHub - OrfeasZ/ZHMModSDK: A modding SDK for Hitman 3) and OBS.


One song I’ve always felt HITMAN’s theme is “The Man Who Sold The World”, either the Midge Ure or Nirvana version.

It’s a song about self-identity and David Bowie (the original creator of the song) selling himself out - Kind of like how 47 sold himself out to the ICA for most of the games -

What do you think?

Great mod. I need to try that.