Hitman Roulette - Randomize your challenge throughout the World of Assassination

Hitman Roulette isn’t a new concept, but for a quick run down:
First you pick the pool of missions you own or just potentially like to play on, then choose the settings to determine what specifics you’d need to follow when playing. Once done, you click “Issue Roulette” and follow any requirements and restrictions that are generated while eliminating the target(s) listed.

For new players looking to tackle Hitman in different ways, experienced players who completed everything in the game, or anyone else at all, I hope you can enjoy HitmanRoulette.com !

Roulette Customization

Most missions from the trilogy are enabled by default, but you can untoggle any missions you’re missing or just the ones you don’t like through the Select Missions screen. This includes Elusive Targets or the Sarajevo Six.

The Roulette can generate challenges as tough or as easy as you’d like. Just click Roulette Settings and navigate the menus.

  • Roulette Modes determine the target selection: "Mission Mode pulls from the game’s story targets while “Contract Mode” pulls from the remaining NPCs with the option to filter by type, amount, or having position Intel.

  • Kill Requirements specify disguises and/or weapons you’ll need when eliminating a target: Ranging from gun categories, to accidents, to on location lethal melee weapons.

  • Extra Requirements have a variety of settings: Forced a specific entrance and/or exit, throw a wrench in your route by enabling mission-specific Extra or Photo Objectives, or allow Complications that change how you’ll approach things.

  • Lastly, Gameplay Challenges use features and options within the game itself to change things up: Asking you to disable mechanics in the game’s settings, imposing a time limit, requiring a rating to achieve, or forcing difficulty to play on.

Save your Roulette as a Textfile (or just copy and paste) using the Export Roulette button on the main page. Unfortunately Roulettes are lost if you refresh the site, so don’t forget to save the ones you like!

This site has been an amateur hobby project of mine for a few years now, chipping away at it with my free time. I’ve haven’t really posted about it very much, so if you’ve stumbled upon and used the Roulette in the past, hello!

Major updates will be posted here, but smaller stuff will probably stay on the Github README page.

There might be a bug or conflict in a few places, though I have coded around a number of Hitman’s unique conditions already. Mobile browsing might also be a little finicky, but retains all the same functions at least. If you have an issue, please share it here or on Github.

Finally, as stated before, there are a few other Roulettes out there. This Roulette is in fact a fork of the original HR by Kotti, though far removed at this point. So thanks Kotti for the solid base, and thanks IOI for giving me many games of stuff to keep adding to it.


Good work. Hitman Roulette is amazing and I wish Ioi would implement it effectively on the game. Your site helps keeping this game interesting. Thank you. :+1:


Thanks. I’m kinda hoping one of the “modes” they may add for Year 2 is just a Roulette mode. That way it could potentially allow people to post their completed runs as Contracts in the game.


I hope the same as you, roulette add so many replay value to the main missions, and I know even speedruners enjoy it. It could be a great addition to the game.


Never thought the day would come!

Contract Mode Roulette support for The Author & Patient Zero has been added!

If you stumble into any issues, feel free to post theme here.

Just as a note, NPCs are hand-selected for the Roulette. Mostly because I give them location descriptions for easier tracking, but also so that they aren’t too troublesome to deal with (like being an NPC in a crowd with nothing interesting about them or their routine).

Also to note, Jeff is currently still on The Author only, as I wanted to know how he was handled before adding him. From reading and playing, it seems he retains his finicky spawning nature from regular Missions. Also, and I missed this about him: he adds weapons to Patient Zero (on his person) that could be used in the Roulette. So I have to contemplate exactly how to add him.

EDIT: Jeff has been added. However, since the weapons he carries in Patient Zero are random I decided not to include the two absent from the level normally: Saber and Battle Axe. Otherwise that would be randomization on top of randomization and could lead to headaches.


Heya, made an account just to say thanks for all your hard work on this! Hitman Roulette is—and has been for a few years—my favorite way to play Hitman, and your github build is by far the definitive version of it.

For me and my friends, Hitman Roulette is at its best as a party game (a la Giant Bomb’s Hitsmas series), so I hope you don’t mind that I’ve made a local copy for myself and appended some extra entertainment-focused complications of my own. It wouldn’t have been possible without your efforts, though, and I wish I had the internet presence to advertise it to a larger audience. Keep up the good work!


Hitsmas was actually a big reason why I started this fork of the Roulette. I saw Kotti’s version and I wanted to add Wildcards to it (The Extra Objectives setting still uses “wild” in the code). Then I just kept adding more, changing the look, Kotti stopped working on his and now here we are.

And of course you’re fine to copy and fork as you want! Kind of the whole spirit behind this, after all. Just remember that I’ll be updating the Roulette shortly after the new map drops, so remember all your additions so you can reapply them later.

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Just finished the biggest update to the Roulette in a while. Thought to get this out before Ambrose Island dropped rather than after.

New Theme & 4K Support

I created a new theme for the Roulette that will be the default going forward. It is based off the HITMAN Trilogy storefront art. I wanted a unique look for the Roulette, and this at least keeps it in line with official stuff. Of course, the existing HITMAN 1/2/3 menu color themes are still there to choose from.

I've also started testing 4K support. It's my first time working at that high a resolution, so there may be a hiccup here or there. Let me know if you experience any weirdness if you're using 4K.

New Settings

This was asked for around H3's launch, but I finally go around to it. I added menu music to the Roulette. In the settings tab, you set it to whatever menu theme from this Trilogy you want. Music doesn't play by default, but a pause/play button is in the corner at all times, and a volume slider can be found in the settings tab.

A new option for Contract Mode Roulette was added. Select "Any", and when you generate a Roulette, the targets themselves are listed as unassigned. This allows you to take the Elimination Method and Disguise Worn conditions generated and try to find the best NPC to pair these with. Kind of like a reverse roulette.

Also under the Roulette Mode options is something called "Conditions Masked". When enabled, Elimination Method and Disguise Worn conditions are redacted until you click them to be revealed. There is no set way to use this feature, but an example for me would be to hide the conditions of the next target until you finish previous, like a type of relay. Note: the Export Roulette button is disabled until all the masked conditions are revealed to avoid peeking.

The Future

Other than some minor things you can read on the Github, that's all till Ambrose Island drops!
Obviously I'll be playing the location like normal when it is released, so the Roulette will take a short time to be updated. When it does, it will be Main Target(s) first, and Contracts Mode Targets last.

Hope you enjoy the Roulette for the new stuff and the old stuff! Have fun till Rocky!

Okay, so I had enough time off and built up Ambrose Island anticipation that I was able to squeeze in one last long in-the-works feature. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve been working on it off and on for a bit and glad to have it added, along with some other minor fixes too of couse.

Stream Overlay

The idea is that streamers can swap between generating Roulettes and playing them without needing to export the .TXT file. There are more detailed step-by-step setup instruction on the website, but basically they add a browser source of a specific URL over top their HITMAN gameplay, and click a button to change the Roulette into a transparent overlay listing all the generated objectives.

It has cosmetic settings, position settings, and size settings too, and shouldn’t mess with anyone’s stream layout since it all fits right over the gameplay.

I list it as a Beta thing, because I haven’t tested it practically myself. I’m also not sure how much of a demand there is for this on my Roulette. But I wanted to have it done now so focus can be on enjoying and then adding Ambrose Island shortly after it releases.

First a minor update: I reworked how secret/easter egg exits are handled, splitting the option out as a separate toggle in Roulette Settings > Extra Requirements. So now you can have secret exits & exit only at the same time.

Now the real update:

Added Mission: "Shadows in the Water"

Ambrose Island is up on the Roulette now! Main mission only, with Contracts Mode NPCs to be added in a few days when I get more free time. If any secret melee weapons or easter egg exits are discovered in the next few days, give me a bit to add them.

Have fun!

EDIT: Wished I had the time to get this done sooner. Anyways, I finished adding 126 Contract Mode Targets to the Roulette. Keep having fun!


Since Freelancer probably won’t lend itself to the Roulette (randomizer on top of a randomizer), that means updates will be slower from here on out. But that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning it! If a potential “Year 3” of content comes to Hitman, I’ll be on top of adding things if applicable.

All that said, I went ahead and put together something new for the Roulette anyway:

Elusive Targets added as selectable missions!

Much like how I've setup the Sarajevo Six missions, they aren't enabled by default and have to be selected independently of the "All Locations" button. I've also included all of them despite those unavailable in Elusive Target Arcade. Partially as optimism, partially for the benefit of modders.

Of course, if there are any impossible generations because of this feel free to let me know. I’ve double checked most of what I could.

Thanks again for enjoying the Roulette if you have these past couple years. Looking forward to Hitman & IOI’s Future!