Hitman scenes in Unreal Engine 4

Hey! So I’ve been making a Paris scenery recently using assets from the game and porting it to Unreal Engine 4.
It was mostly for fun and to experiment on my level designing abilities but also because I really wanted to see a scene of Paris in different times of day (especially night time).

So here’s how it looks like for now:
(some screenshots don’t show the actual lighting, since it is too dark I used another viewmode to better show the environment)



Cinematics for H2 when :eyes:


Quite a long post ahead:

I want to show off two blueprints (visual scripting) I made for the environment, just some fun details that actually took me a bit of time to get working :laughing:

(beware of bloom :sunny:)

I also made some basic water for the lower areas and the bridges

I’ve been mostly working on adding more to this parking area and the “riverside” place (I added more lights!)
I’m gonna be needing vehicles which are quite hard to import with how many materials they have :weary:

I’m sad I cannot export the bus stop model properly, so I have one with broken UVs and using it as placeholder for the time being :cry:

I also haven’t talked about inspiration, but I’ve been using 2 main reference images and a bunch of official screenshots of the streets:

(this was upscaled by AI since the original was very small)

I’m trying not to make a 1/1 copy of them but adding my own stuffs on top, only using these as a base

I also plan on making more scenes inside this Paris template including a construction site, so I will be basing my ideas on existing areas of WoA such as Mumbai or Santa Fortuna

That’s all for now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’m actually enjoying doing this and will try to continue as much as I can, I have a bunch of ideas on paper I would love to realize hey what about an airport?