Hitman:Sci-Fi spin off

Hey folks, I was just thinking about the possibility of doing a Hitman inspired game wherein it’s set in a new quirky Sci-Fi like universe. I think it could be a lot of fun with a whole new range of weapons, locations and possibilities.

I think it would be great to have an experience which doesn’t spoon feed you and you kind of have to learn all about this new world through experimentation. I imagine different alien species having different quirks and social behaviours that this future Hitman would have to navigate and learn to manipulate.

Level wise there would be no limit. Imagine a level aboard a Star Trek knockoff in which you have to take out the captain.

I imagine the weapons could be all experimental and have unique features as well.

(If you have any wacky ideas of what the game could include, please add below)

I think what you’re describing is a neat idea but it feels so different from what Hitman is that it would essentially be an entirely different game, not really a spin off

This one idea you brought up I really like though. Usually sci-fi world’s have to explain a lot of new things upfront for the audience, too often in games in a very clunky way too. But I’d say Hitman is a master class in how to do natural world-building (barring Diana’s omnipotent calls) from little bits of ambient dialogue that fill a lot in to incredible thought for level decoration. So that level of detail I’d love for a sci-fi game, but at the end of the day I think core gameplay-wise it would have to be very different from Hitman now :man_shrugging: