Hitman Sniper has vanished

It seems that Hitman Sniper (the original 2015 app) is no longer available on the Google Play store (don’t know about the app store), just before The Shadows comes out. Never played it, but seemed to be an alright distraction for a short time, ignoring the macrotransactions. Anyone still got it downloaded, or has anything interesting to say about it?



It’s still available on both Apple App Store and Google Play. What is the region of your store? I’m looking at the US stores, and this might be region-specific.

UK, it says it’s no longer available. Maybe it’s just a mistake?

I just checked the UK Google Play through the web with VPN, and it seems it is still available for purchase.

Perhaps it has something to do with your device?

Normally it would just say “This is incompatible with your device”. With this, it doesn’t even appear when I search for it on the app, so I assumed they took it down.

Well, that’s weird. Have no idea what the issue could be.

Could it be some age restriction setting?

It’s always been there, but now that I’ve just checked (it’s been months since I have), it’s no longer there. I just assumed it was Square Enix up to something.

It’s still available on the french Apple Store, for 0,49 €

Alright, this is probably just a device compatibility thing, and Google’s changed the message that pops up if apps don’t work on your devices. At least this farce has reminded me that that new sniper app’s coming out later this year, I wonder if we’ll see anything of it soon…

It would be about time. Images of the levels and the characters in the game got me so hyped. And then nothing.