Hitman speed running

Hey everyone, I’m kinda new to hitman (played the trilogy but no games before) and I’ve seen people like atrioc speed running the game. I thought that that might be fun to try and do but realised it is kinda hard and I don’t have enough of the unlocks lmao. Was just wondering if anyone here who has some experience could help me out a bit, like is there anything I should know etc.

THANKS :slight_smile:

Hello KOALQ! :slightly_smiling_face: Good to have you here, and it seems like you enjoy speedrunning Hitman games very much. We have a dedicated thread here that plenty of talented players share their strats and videos. You can check out there.

Besides that, you may also consider joining Frote’s speedrunning discord server. I am sure you will feel being in the right place with many runners there and have plenty of fun participating events together!