Hitman The WOA Trilogy Be the Best Game

If IO Interactive wants to make Hitman 1,2,3 to be the best Hitman Trilogy they must do the following :

  1. Make a Bonus Mission that is the real end to the Hitman Trilogy - Make the airport level that you already put in the cinematic of the presentation and the reveal of Hitman 3.
    2.Enable and Add Dual Ballers in this Trilogy .
    3.Fix all of the issues consisting NPCs - for example in Dubai,Chonqing and etc…
    4.Add on the first screen after IO Interactive slogan the whole name of the game - The World of Assasination Trilogy and then below this
    Hitman 1,
    Hitman 2,
    Hitman 3,
    And this will make the first screen.look and be more professional ,so all people will know that this is the last game of the Trilogy and which games includes there.

If you do this - you will be the Best company for games ever and you will have the Best Hitman game ever ! …But remember if you do this - you will do it for you and for your fans ,our Hitman fan community .

Thank you in advance ,
Great Job until now,


Wouldn’t the final mission in the game since launch with the end of the story that they had been working towards since the beginning be the real end to the trilogy, rather than an unplanned bonus mission tacked onto the story as a cash grab to sell as DLC?



Worked out for HITMAN 2, so why not? :stuck_out_tongue:
They move their resources now to other things, the WoA will be mostly done after 7 Deadly Sins, Thank God.

I am sure that they can make whatever is needed to add a new map or let’s say a permanent event as a Bonus Mission like the house build on sands or just to expand the map untouchable or to add it as a prologue between untouchable and future hitman game so everything is possible with many variants if they want to do it … So they mentioned it in Hitman 3 reveal.trailer so they must do this airport level in this woa game not in other future games ,because the video is for hitman 3 not other games and still we do not have this level in the game and the whole Trilogy

I dont think IO will be so quick to abandon the only thing that makes them money. I thought about this and I realised that Bond game is going to take like five years to make, look at Hitman 2016’s development. It’s very likely that there will be a pseudo episodic model for Hitman 3 where for the next couple of years DLCs will get released to give the game longevity, but im just speculating on that

They’re perfectly aware of what fans have been requesting since 2016, yet they’re ignoring it and doing whatever they want. Anyway here’s my wishlist to conclude this trilogy as needed:

  • Fixing all the bugs and glitches since HITMAN 2016 backlog: a mountain of things :warning:

  • Overall consistency of ALL the levels: mastery, bloom/lightning, textures and quality of maps

  • ALL Elusive Targets (2016-now) being permanent, replayable, with scoring and saves enabled

  • FULL OFFLINE Experience of the WHOLE content locked online (even the temporary seasonal events) WITH SCORING

  • Animated cinematics for HITMAN 2

  • A proper pack of new levels and Bonus Missions to conclude the trilogy once and for all in a firework of beauty

  • Putting back the features of previous games (Electric Phone, Shoulder Swap, etc.)

  • Windows 7 compatibility (to keep the consistency with HITMAN and HITMAN 2)

  • A fully optimized experience to maximize the operating on much engines as possible (and more players to play it)

  • A trilogy all packed in one single game, renamed HITMAN: WOA or simply HITMAN: The Trilogy Pack

  • A final batch of original weapons and gadgets that differ from the overall stuff we’ve had since 2016

I think i’ve resumed the essential :blush:

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